Grooveshark Is Releasing a Streaming Radio App…

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A few months ago Grooveshark was found guilty of copyright infringement. A trial has been set for March 2015 to determine damages, which could include a complete shutdown of the music service.

Meanwhile, Grooveshark is attempting to stay afloat with some new ventures. In October, the company announced a new initiative that would help local artists book shows.

Now Grooveshark has announced Broadcasts, a new social radio service.

The mobile app will combine streaming radio with a chat feature. The service is scheduled to launch in January and will cost 99 cents a month.

Grooveshark CEO Sam Tarantino thinks this new app will “change the ballgame”.


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  1. FarePlay

    Well paul, it appears your shut down by December prediction isn’t going to happen. Is the DOJ and our legal system so broken that we allow offenders like Grooveshark to continue to operate?