Leaked Emails Reveal that Major Movie Studios Teamed Up to Attack Google

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So far, the Sony leak has let out both sensitive and embarrassing information that Sony hoped to keep private. Some of the latest information to surface is about a secret project between the MPAA and the studios it represents: Sony, Universal, Fox, Paramount, Warner Bros., and Disney.

The Verge looked at leaked emails about “Project Goliath”, a project that seems aimed at battling Google’s public image and anti-piracy efforts.

Each studio contributed funds to the project. MPAA SVP and Global General Counsel Steven Fabrizio lead many of the initiatives.

The MPAA and studios were also working on aspects of their plan with attorneys general and ISPs. Disney’s patent for a new “authentic” search engine suddenly makes more sense…

Emails reveal that the group was working with tech experts and Comcast (which owns Universal) on creating ways to block and identify illegal files.

The group was also looking for ways to obtain court orders for site blocking without having to sue and prove ISP liability. They were also trying to convince state prosecutors to go after Google, setting aside $500,000 a year for legal support and an additional $70,000 to gather evidence against Google.

TorrentFreak also reports that Google was unhappy with the MPAA’s recent response to their October anti-piracy efforts. A Google policy executive told the MPAA that they would no longer “speak or do business” with them.

Following this, Fabrizio sent an email saying: “We believe Google is overreacting — and dramatically so. Their reaction seems tactical (or childish)”. He said that a possible civil investigation against Google might lead to further discussion between Google and the MPAA.


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15 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    yeah great, lets let those assholes keep doing their illegal criminal thieving and spying and extorting and bullying…

    im starting to lose respect for all entertainment based and show and media based corporations…

    they are the worst with their satellites and other bugs and hacks…

    • so funny...

      yeah google isn’t going to play ball, what a shocker – because you know they have been so cooperative in the past… the pirate continued to rank high in first page search results for copyrighted content for HALF A DECADE AFTER the site was found GUILTY in the highest court in their own country…

      yeah… google are so awesome in helping the creative community, what a loss that they’ve decided to not cooperate… shocker… if the Interactive Advertising Board ran an airline people would be to afraid to fly…

  2. Remi Swierczek

    I am not surprised, make sense.

    They have spent to little to late to have any results.
    Google is wining studios and labels loosing!

    It’s just pity for Google to win by pulverizing the music house with advertising machinery instead taking it over and blossoming it to $100B+ music industry.

  3. Anonymous

    “a possible civil investigation against Google “

    Ah, the sweet sound of these words… 🙂

    • Versus

      Indeed. GoogleTube is the Microsoft of our day, and it must be similarly brought down from its self-elected God status.

  4. DystopiaNow

    And Google is already winning points again as it’s being seen as a victim of the evil content creators. The backlash has begun. They are laughing their asses off at Mountain View.
    Maybe we should just accept that it’s over. Google won. All content creators will be reduced to slavery, their faith is to become small bees working for the QueenMother Google. It’s inevitable.

    • FarePlay

      While I’m sure Google shares your arrogance about the shifting tides with the kind of power Google wields in the management of sensitive information, don’t be so sure they’re too big to reigned in.

  5. Anonymous

    Oh look, an anti-trust conspiracy! Thanks North Korea!

    But these movie industry execs behind bars were they belong.

  6. Dystopia

    And the backlash has already started, as Google is now being seen as the victim of the evil content creators. They’re laughing their asses off at Mountain View.
    Maybe we should just accept that it’s over. Google won. Content creators will be reduced to slavery, their faith is to become little slave bees working for the Queen Mother Google. It’s inevitable. Intelligence + Evil always wins.

  7. Steve Sinclair

    I can’t believe that all this started in January. They chose to fight Google with its $350 Billion market cap and $60 Billion cash horde? Seriously? They should have learned a lesson from the Music Industry’s fight with digital distribution – it lead to their extinction.

  8. Versus


    Sony is acting in its right, one might even say its duty, to protect its intellectual property, as any content holder, individual or corporation should and must do to survive and thrive. They are the good guys here, and again, I must only ask:


  9. Willis

    That is called collusion, which is standard practice in most industries these day, it seems.

  10. David

    This reminds me of the old French saying: ‘This animal is vicious. When it is attacked it defends itself.’

  11. Name2

    Congrats to Google for hitting the ‘ignore’ button on the MPAA, as the TorrentFreak article puts it.

    “bad faith” doesn’t begin to cover what the MPAA has been concocting for Google for dinner. Google’s doing the industry (yet another) massive favor: allowing studios to negotiate one-on-one with Google, rather than as a part of a potential anti-trust headache.

    They don’t deserve such mercies, and I doubt they’ll be grateful.