Executive Shuffles: Deezer, Mixcloud, Cashmere Agency, ASCAP

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Brianne Pins has been promoted to VP of Public Relations at Cashmere Agency. Pins was previously Director of Public Relations.

Fred McIntyre and Richard Cohen have joined Mixcloud‘s Board of Advisors. McIntyre is CEO of awe.sm and Cohen is Founder and CEO of LoveLive.

Deezer has hired Beth Murphy as CMO. Murphy was previously CMO and EVP of Product at Zinio. Murphy will join Deezer’s San Francisco office. For now, only Bose and Sonos users can listen to Deezer in the United States.

ASCAP CEO John LoFrumento is retiring on January 1st. LoFrumento has been at ASCAP for 33 years.


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  1. a writer

    Thanks for running ASCAP into the ground LoFrumento! You and Al Wallace will not be missed!