Blend Market Lets Musicians Sell Digital Project Files

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Blend has launched Blend Market, a new portal where creators can sell stems and digital audio projects to other users.

The storefront is currently in beta. Any user can sign up to sell on the platform.

Blend Market has also partnered to sell audio content from The Loop Loft, Plug In Boutique, ADSR, Prime Loops, and other sources. Blend takes a 30 percent cut of all sales.

The original Blend platform allows musicians to collaborate and share project files. The site is used by Moby, Erasure, and many others.


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10 Responses

  1. Ripper

    “Blend Market has also partnered to sell audio content from The Loop Loft, Plug In Boutique, ADSR, Prime Loops, and other sources. ”

    lol the who is who of mediocre content 🙂

    blend will fail. label, collab and sample distribution in one place… too much

  2. Bandit

    Could someone tell me who is bankrolling these startups? Or more specifically who is selling this idea to VC managers?

    Because me and two of my friends developed a similar record, produce, collaborate and distribute music site 4 years ago but could never build and launch the site because we could never get past any potential investors first question: How is this thing going to make money?

    Granted we were just a musician, software developer and lawyer, if we had a couple creative accountants to help us we might have gotten some money.

    The final nail in the coffin was It looked like they had nearly everything we wanted to build plus celebrity endorsement and I am still willing to bet that indaba has not been out of the red it’s entire existence.

    p.s. Why does blend look so much like indabamusic? is it the same developers?

    • Anonymous

      Looks like it’s

      You’re obviously gonna need a business/rev model and timeline to scale. Many revenue models for products like this rely on scaling first, and then there’s more than one way to make a buck. Look at the early versions facebook (trumpeted that they didn’t have ads) Twitter, and of course our good friends over at soundcloud who are still trying to get that part right…fortunately they have 100 million users.

      You should have looked into a getting some experienced advisors in the space on board with you, those tend to get you in the room.

      • Bandit

        We did have advisors. One said our only hope was an angel investor i.e. someone who had tons of cash and didn’t care about blowing it.

        As for scale, do you really think there are that many musician/producers out there that can achieve Facebook or Twitter scale? Cmon, ad based free service won’t work bc of lack of scale and the vast majority of musicians can’t afford or won’t pay for a premium service. Finally the producers who can afford the service don’t need it