Spotify on Uber Sucks (Says an Uber Driver)…

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During a recent Uber trip across town…

Me: Has anyone been asking you to play Spotify from the newly-integrated Uber app?

My Uber Driver: Yeah, a few people.

Me: And how is it?

My Uber Driver: The thing is I don’t like it.

Me: Why?

My Uber Driver: I don’t know.  It’s annoying.

Me: Because you have to listen to their music?

My Uber Driver: Well I’m always asking the customer what station they want?  It’s much easier.  Right now, if you want classic music, I can put on the classic channel.  Some people they like country music.

Me: But I want the song I want, and I want it right now.

My Uber Driver: Yeah, but it’s giving a problem with the Uber app.

Even in my area, I live a few blocks away, the reception isn’t good, and you put in a second device and it’s giving problem.

And because some customers have some songs in a form, I don’t know if it’s a song, but it’s not.  They say it’s a song, for me it’s not.

Me: What are these people listening to!

My Uber Driver: Yeah. If you want a different station I can change it.

Me: So you hate the whole Spotify app thing.

My Uber Driver: No, that’s ok. But it really needs to be improve.

I don’t know, some customer two days ago, he wants his songs and his girlfriend asks me for some champagne, that’s not a service we have. You have to carry champagne she says.

Me: But how does champagne have anything to do with Spotify?

My Uber Driver: Because they think that because they pay by credit card they can ask anything.  So they are just demanding music.

Me: Yeah.

My Uber Driver: You work at Uber?

Me: No, I’m a reporter at Digital Music News.


Image by abiez@flickr; licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0).

12 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    a high end sound system in the back seat with a usb drive and smartphone hookup, touch screen to operate, with soundproof barrier in case the driver wants to listen to something else, and ability to play single files or playlists, in the format the listener desires, curated by the listener for the listener, if so desired, is what i would prefer…

    but then im not the average listener or median consumer where the fattest part of the bell curve is who ultimately seem to dictate the consumer mass format and choices…

    of course when cruising in my ’94 Oldsmobile Cutlass, power windows and all, i normally just listen to my own music, songs and instrumentals i wrote and produced, and occasionally whatever other music i have legally obtained in single file formats, when i want how i want, on usb drive…

    free from anyone elses idea of what and how something should be listened to…

    no minority reporting to worry about, no data tracking or information fleecing, no radio hosts beaking in my ear about whatever, not having to worry about the firing synapses in my brain, and no slices of cucumber to get aggravated about when the monkey in the cab beside you is getting grapes…

  2. Adam

    “Spotify on Uber Sucks (Says an Uber Driver)…”

    Shouldn’t that read “Spotify on Uber is OK (Says an Uber Driver)…” according to the actual quote?

    • Anonymous

      That’s not quite at the level of click-bat that is the standard of Paul’s headlines.

  3. Dennis

    Some Uber cars carry not only alcohol but also drugs. Hey, don’t blame me for posting.
    Blame those who allow this unregulated fraud to operate and violate laws daily.

    • Andre

      Im taking uber to a party tonight, can you put me in touch w that driver?

    • Anonymous

      Blame those who allow this unregulated fraud to operate and violate laws daily.

      Greetings Dennis…

      Who exactly is the unregulated fraud operating and violating laws daily?

      Please let us know so we can kindly make the corrective actions, thanks.

  4. Willis

    You left off the last comment by the Uber driver – “never heard of it.”

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Actually, it was a driverless ride. I fabricated what an actual driver would say had this been a ‘driver-enabled’ Uber ride.

  5. GGG

    So did my comment stating how this is the stupidest “interview” I’ve ever seen get blocked, or just didn’t show up…guess we’ll find out in 3…2…1..

  6. danwriter

    Anecdotal evidence of… what? One driver. Thank God this story is on a blog and trees are spared.