Bandcamp Now Supports Accounts for Record Labels

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Bandcamp has rolled out Bandcamp for Labels, a feature that lets labels run music and merch stores.

This closely follows the release of Bandcamp artist subscriptions. These features show Bandcamp’s commitment to making digital music sales simple and transparent.

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Bandcamp for Labels lets labels track stats on all of their artists, including user streaming stats and sales stats. Labels can also use the service to handle merch orders for all of their artists. There are sales reports for all artists and sales reports for individual artists.

Payments for releases on artist Bandcamp pages can now either go directly to the artist or to label accounts. Every artist signed to a label with a label account will be upgraded to Bandcamp Pro.

The service costs $20 a month for a max of 15 artists. Labels with more than 15 artists can get an unlimited account for $50 a month.


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8 Responses

  1. WhaWha

    “This closely follows the release of Bandcamp artist subscriptions. ”
    It’s not officialy released yet , is it ? I think they’re still in beta or experimenting ith it..

    • DNog

      Not sure i understand this move. Doesn’t Bandcamp take a percentage for every sale? Shouldn’t a label be able to have it’s own digital store if they actually want to be a label? Maybe I’m wrong here just can’t see the logic in why they wouldn’t just not have a middle man taking a percentage?

      • bp

        labels would want to be on bandcamp because it’s a website for people who are actually excited about buying music.

      • GGG

        It’s just another place to put music in front of people. It’s not like labels don’t have on-site stores, or not put music on iTunes. Put your shit in front of eyes, just like any other product. Tons of bands sell music directly from their sites, I bet very few make more sales from that than from other stores. So no, it doesn’t make sense in theory, but until people are used to going to each individual artist/label to buy stuff, you might as well put it on aggregators.

      • Robbie Fields

        Headline is wrong. Bandcamp already has accounts for labels. The headline should read :

        “Bandcamp moves to charge labels “rent””

  2. Robbie Fields

    I speak as a label owner, a real label not a vanity one.

    Bandcamp only works if you direct traffic to it. Great for short lived promotions. This has also been the experience of larger labels that I know.

    I like it as being a convenient download site for press.

    We offer circa. 1/3 of an album’s tracks for free. We find indie fans donate, punks don’t.

    As for the labels’ own sites, their bird flew away a long time ago. Wikipedia and Facebook killed off that traffic.

    We’ll see if they end the free ride (other than sales) as it currently is for labels on bc.

    Let’s see whether they bump the number of free downloads, currently 200 per month.

    That said, users are streaming rather than downloading off bc these days. Nice deal for bc as they don’t pay royalties AFAIK unlike any other streaming site. BC is very lax about enforcing the no cover song rule.