Which State Listens to the Most Holiday Music?

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Pandora has released stats about their users’ holiday listening habits. They’ve put out a particularly interesting graph that lists percent of holiday listening by U.S. state. Utah has the highest holiday listening, followed by Maine and New Hampshire.

This provides some more context for the top holiday songs on radio list.

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8 Responses

    • GGG

      It’s infinitely worse to click and comment on a post you don’t care about, than to post an article people might find moderately interesting.

  1. Guess

    Nina. Nina cares. News gets slow around the holidays, my man. Got to print something, and The Top 10 Reasons Why Ari Herstand Thinks Music Should Be Free and Songwriters Should Be Paid in T-Shirts ran the other day. They can’t all be diamonds. Let the trolling begin!

  2. Name2

    Spotify is now running a promo for existing premium users, allowing them to join friends and family as Premium accounts for half the going rate of a new account. The billing still comes to the primary account, but for $5 extra a month, my husband is getting his own login, playlists, favorites, etc. and his own set of three portable devices for offline listening.

    Cheapest Xmas present ever. And we’re a Swift-free household, so no probs.

    GO, Spotify, GO!!!

  3. Versus

    Whichever one it is, I won’t be moving there. Can’t stand this holiday kitsch muzak. All of a sudden every atheist and Satanist musician finds religion and releases a “holiday” album.

    Just to be sure, which holiday are we talking about here? Kwanzaa?