SXSW Sued for Wrongful Deaths of Drunk Driving Victims

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SXSW 2015 rapidly approaches, but last year’s horrible drunk driving incident has not been forgotten. Four people died when police chased a drunk driver into a crowd of people.

The Associated Press reports that several wrongful death suits have been filed against SXSW organizers, accusing them of lapses in safety.

Steven Craenmehr, a Dutch executive who worked at MassiveMusic, was one of the victims of the accident. Craenmehr’s family filed a wrongful death suit, accusing SXSW of not having proper traffic safeguards.

SXSW’s lawyer released a general statement, saying: “Our hearts continue to ache for those injured and the families of those who lost their lives.” The statement also says that SXSW “looks forward” to the prosecution of the drunk driver.


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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Time to sue POLICE.
    “The Dukes of Hazzard” concept of 10 police cars chasing lonely car until it runs out of gas or someone crashes is practiced only in USA. Just translate & enforce German or Swedish procedure for public safety and sanity.

    • Anonymous

      Americans RUNNNN more often because they are locked up behind the bars 12x more often than in Holland (legal dope, prostitution, euthanasia or gay marriage) and 7x more often than in communist CHINA!

      To compare apples with apples 4x more often than in Canada!

      Sorry, not only blacks, 13 year old white kids in top places to live in America.

      America’s legal system converts teens and other groups to permanent “kicking bags” and prison residents.

      • Anonymous

        The Land of Free makes 4.5% of global population and keeps in prison almost 3 million of it’s citizens.
        1/3 of all locked-up folks on Earth are AMERICANS!

        Only music industry makes bigger distortion from logic.

        • Versus

          We have a lot of criminals here in the good old USA. It’s a relic of the cowboy / frontier / pioneer / renegade mentality.

          • Anonymous

            Average Western population subject to many useless laws executed by overpaid, with everything to loose “robots” with cameras on their chests. No matter how stupid the law or unconstitutional the penalty robot with camera will not risk his 4x the market job for your 5 years in prison.
            There is so many laws that you would need at least 5 law degrees to be 99% protected from the system. Minority Report is almost here.
            Private for profit prison system adds to the fire. 30 years ago US and Canada jail statistics have been identical.

  2. Willis

    This is a joke, right? I suppose that, in this country, anyone can sue anyone for anything no matter how invalid a claim it might be.