Joe Cocker Dies after Battle with Lung Cancer

Joe Cocker, Los Angeles, 18.04.2010-008360_0
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Joe Cocker’s career began in the 1960s. Cocker left a lasting impression on many, and his career included a memorable Woodstock performance, a Grammy, and an Academy Award. The singer was also known for his cover of The Beatles’ “With a Little Help from My Friends”.

Cocker has now passed away at the age of 70. He had been battling lung cancer, but his agent did not confirm that this illness was the cause of death.

Cocker’s friend Paul McCartney said he was “a lovely guy who brought so much to the world and we’ll all miss him“.

5 Responses

  1. zog

    Cocker’s vast body of work for over 40 years should not be over looked ,he was more then Woodstock and his interpretation of a Beatle song. The songs,musicians from Stuff,Sly and Robbie and countless others showed Cockers uniqueness making a song his own.To have your song covered by Joe in itself spoke to his talents. The last couple of albums and tours spoke volumes about his talent and the ability to put together great musicians. Sony and various members of there team really got behind Joe even when world record sales for artist has slowed because of his talents.

    • jw

      I think the younger generation was introduced to Cocker through the Wonder Years… growing up I didn’t even realize With a Little Help was a Beatles song. And I still prefer the Cocker version today.

      I don’t think any Cocker remembrance is complete without mentioning Mad Dogs & English Men… he & Leon put together an incredible cast of musicians. You can probably count on one hand the number of live records that compare. That record is the bar for a live show, as far as I’m concerned.

    • derby

      Well said… So many wonderful songs. The second album is just ridiculously good. A legend. He will be missed.

  2. PiratesWinLOL

    How sad to know, that such a great musician and legend is no longer among us.

    It is also sad to see, how many people smoking take from us and how much tragedy it causes. Lunge cancer is in the vast majority of cases, still a certain death sentence.