Thom Yorke Releases New Music on Bandcamp

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A few months ago Thom Yorke released his new solo album via a $6 BitTorrent Bundle. The album was downloaded over 4.4 million times and was the most-downloaded music BitTorrent Bundle of the year.

Both Thom Yorke and Radiohead are known for their experimental release methods. Now Yorke has chosen Bandcamp as his next release platform.

Yorke has released both a new song and the album, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, on his Bandcamp page. The song, “Youwouldn’tlikemewhenI’mangry” is available at ‘name-your-price’. Fans can get the track for any amount they choose, including $0.

The album is available both digitally and on vinyl. Fans can pay $6 or more for the digital version, or a fixed price of $46.64 for the vinyl version. The vinyl version includes a digital download.

All purchases allow fans to stream the music on the Bandcamp app, but the music can also be streamed on the web for free.


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12 Responses

  1. Bass

    Now if only he would release Ed and Jonny and let them play electric guitar again.

  2. silly

    From an outsiders perspective, saying that he released his album on bandcamp is as silly as saying someone released an album on squarespace. He released his album independently on the web, and 99.9% of people don’t care which tool he used for web hosting and e-commerce.

    Portraying bandcamp as a music discovery platform is misleading to the musicians who read this blog. Putting your stuff on bandcamp will not bring you traffic or get you ‘discovered’. Its just a tool for making landing pages where you can bring your own traffic.

    Disagree? Take a look at Thom Yorke’s page as an example. Its a dead-end. There are no discovery features on it, no links out to ‘similar artists’, etc. Its about Thom Yorke, and only Thom Yorke. And that’s as it should be. Its a landing page that is well designed to convert visitors into purchasers. Thom Yorke bringing his traffic to Bandcamp will not be of any benefit to other artists on bandcamp. So, please stop trying to sell this idea that bandcamp is going to be the next myspace or other such social/discovery platform. The world has moved beyond that type of thinking. We have youtube, pandora, spotify, google search, iTunes, and terrestrial and satellite radio. We’re good.

    • Nina Ulloa

      i didn’t say bandcamp was a music discovery platform in this post, but since you brought it up…. when you’re signed into your bandcamp account it IS a music discovery platform.

      • Soulio

        Agreed, Nina,

        Actually, I could care less about bandcamp… until last year when I purchased my friends LP from the site to show support (and it was the only place to purchase a download of the LP from).

        The artist pages are not “just a tool for making landing pages where you can bring your own traffic”… there actually is a discovery process showing who purchased or ‘supported’ the artists LP or single and since a large number of artists post either free, name your own price or ‘sample to buy vinyl’ streams, not all releases require purchase to purchase to ‘support’.

        As I clicked on any supporter’s name below the supported track, it displayed a cover art image montage preview of what else each fan supported or purchased.

        A lot of it is stuff I would’t take time to search out on my own (some of it by artist I actually know and support) so it really does act as a catalyst to discovering the under heard (like Amerigo Gazway’s ‘Fela Sou’l and ‘Yasin Gaye’ mashup tributes) as well as hyped artists like Yorke (btw, not a fan…)

      • Valid question

        @silly makes a valid point, imo.

        Nina, how come you don’t cover it when an artist releases their music on their website powered by Bandzoogle? Or Godaddy, for that matter?

        Why are you calling attention to instances only when famous musicians use the bandcamp e-commerce solution instead of other tools in the category? Seems like an obvious bias is being played out here, but I want to give Nina a chance to respond.

          • good point

            Nina makes a good point.

            How many artists release their albums on a website that ISN’T hosted by bandcamp’s tool? Can’t be many, right?

            Oh, whoops, most of them….

          • What?

            I think Nina is trying to say the following:

            1. No, Thom Yorke does not use Bandzoogle as his hosting provider. If he did, she would cover it as a main story like she did when he used bandcamp as his tool for ecomm.

            2. If any proportion of other established artists used other web hosting platforms besides bandcamp, she would cover them. i.e. if any artists used godaddy, shopify, squarespace, bigcommerce, voulsion, or bandzoogle, then she would cover them as a place where music was being released.

            Any questions about her reporting? She is totally unbiased in case she hadn’t already told you.

          • OK

            Fair point…. But if you are now equating BZ and BC, why don’t you cover artists that use BZ the same as you do BC? I’m not clear on how they are different in your mind. Nina, please elaborate.

  3. anon

    question… Anyone knows why if thom yorke’s album was downloaded 4.4 million times why wasn’t it on the billboard charts? That number is better than taylor swifts… So why is not up there in the charts?

    • bp

      sales have to be reported to soundscan in order to chart. i’d assume that bit torrent does not report sales.

  4. Rajesh

    The reason why it is significant that Yorke is releasing to Bandcamp is that Bandcamp only takes 10% of revenue from the artist whereas, iTunes, the record companies, and Spotify/etc. only give the artist less than 10% of the profit. Bandcamp is revolutionary in that aspect in that it empowers the artist. Not a lot of big names are on Bandcamp because they can get really lucrative deals once they are already “discovered” from the record companies for promotion etc. The fact that Yorke is bypassing all this to launch via bandcamp legitimizes this indy platform, this people’s platform. That is silly for Silly up there to say people don’t care where he releases his music. It does matter, people should care. Revolutionary, f the system, artists like Yorke are aware of this, and don’t feed into to the capitalist monster.