The 20 Most Pirated Files of All Time…

According to ExtraTorrent, one of the largest and longest-running torrent trackers on the planet.  Exact numbers were not disclosed, but everything in the top 10 has received at least ten million downloads on ExtraTorrent alone.


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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    The Avengers porn parody has been pirated more often than the actual Avengers movie? Seems suspect.

    • Bandit

      Maybe a large part of the Avengers XXX downloads were by people looking for the Avengers movie and getting the porn version instead or so they tell their moms

  2. Willis

    Looking at this this, the only thing that comes to mind – what a waste of bandwidth.

  3. Anonymous

    All those downloads. And simply because there was no legal way of obtaining them.


  4. oy vey

    Never heard of any of these and surely a total waste of bandwidth!