Lamb of God Fan Sues Live Nation Over Spinal Injury

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Is a concert production company responsible when a mosh pit goes wrong and tramples a fan? Lamb of God fan William Tarantino thinks so.

According to TMZ, Tarantino has filed a lawsuit against Live Nation. He is seeking over $75,000. 

Tarantino went to a Lamb of God show in November, 2012 in Connecticut. He was in the standing room only section when the crowd allegedly went crazy and trampled him. He suffered spinal fractures and required spinal fusion surgery.

Tarantino says he now has permanent spinal injuries.


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3 Responses

  1. Centro

    People like dangerous mosh pits, and drugs and big crowds. Live Nation likes to make money and will never put in any safety unless forced to.

    • Willis

      That might be the funniest comment of the year, so far. “People like dangerous mosh pits, and drugs and big crowds.” Hilarious. Absolutely, fucking hilarious.

  2. Greg

    Of course they should. They have insurance exactly for this reason, and they know the potential for injury when doing a metal show with a “pit” area.

    Adding to that, $75,000 sounds very reasonable, seems right to cover surgery costs and lost wages. If he was looking for millions i could see taking issue. Likely he’s only filing suit after exhausting all other options to get his medical costs covered.