They Might Be Giants Start a Toll Free Song Listening Service

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Alt rock band They Might Be Giants has resurrected their Dial-A-Song service. The service originally launched in 1983 and ran for a number of years. Fans could call in and listen to new songs from the band that were recorded on a consumer answering machine.

Now, fans can listen to a new track every week by calling a toll free number (844-387-6962), or by visiting the Dial-A-Song website.

Tracks will be released every week for the entirety of 2015. They’ll debut on Slate’s “The Gist” podcast. Then, the tracks will be available on Dial-A-Song, YouTube, and digital retailers.

The band has also set up a Dial-A-Song Drip account. For $30 fans will get a download of every track. That’s 52 tracks in total.


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3 Responses

  1. XT

    “hmmmm… Lets get off of streaming and the internet to get back to Vinyl and calling a telephone number to listen to a song. I guess if you are low on Data and have unlimited talk time and need some music…just call!”

  2. Willis

    Interesting…but not. They should have just started song delivery via carrier pigeon.

  3. Bandit

    I remember the old dial a song service. It was “free” also. I think the tag was “Call from work, it’s free!” I liked that.