Pono Is Coming to a Retail Store Near You

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Pono is no longer just a Kickstarter project. The PonoPlayer is hitting 80 retail locations next week, some of them Fry’s stores. A pre-order is also available online for February delivery. Retail price is $399.

The PonoMusic digital music store is also open for business. Tracks cost $2 and up, and albums go for around $20.

Audio resolution varies by release, and the site shows the resolution on each album page. They’ve also created a chart of the different resolutions available in their store:

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7 Responses

  1. Maugarz

    its ridiculous to charge double the amount of a cd. If costs the same to deliver 96k or mp3. I Think their business mode it’s gonna fail. Also think hi res audio availability for the average consumer has to happen soon but will triumph under different biz model.

  2. Steven Corn

    Just got my hands on a Pono here at the CES show. it definitely sounded great. But I found the UI to be awful. Very small screen that was hard to manipulate with my normal sized fingers. Not very intuitive either. I had to ask them to show me how to play a track! I mean, that should be the most obvious and simply action in a music player. Plus the triangular shape is great for a desktop. But it felt very uncomfortable in my pant or jacket pocket.

    Overall, not impressed. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t succeed.

  3. Anonymous

    “Retail price is $399. Tracks cost $2 and up, and albums go for around $20.


    wait wait


    no seriously


    my sides are hurting from laughter!