Deezer Acquires and Replaces Muve Music

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In May of last year it was reported that AT&T wanted to sell Muve Music, the music service they acquired when they bought Cricket. Muve has around 2 million paying subscribers.

Deezer has acquired Muve Music and is partnering with Cricket to bring their music service to mobile customers. Muve will be discontinued on February 7th. “Deezer from Cricket” will launch on January 31st . 

Deezer from Cricket is available to Cricket’s LTE subscribers for $6 a month. Existing Muve subscribers can get an extended trial of the service that runs until March 31st. A shorter trial is available to Cricket’s other users. Free trials automatically roll into paid subscriptions unless cancelled.

Muve users will be able to transfer their libraries and playlists to Deezer.

Cricket users that don’t pay the monthly fee can access Deezer Free, a streaming radio service.

This announcement explains why it’s taken so long for Deezer to launch in the United States. Deezer opened a U.S. office in early 2014, but was only available as a premium hi-fi service with Bose or Sonos speakers.

Deezer also recently acquired Stitcher, saying they planned to add talk radio to their music service.


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3 Responses

  1. Robert Decker

    Thank you Deezer….much LOVE goes out to you….I physically cannot stand AT&T…and when I found out they were cutting Muve…I sent an angry letter to the President of AT&T….much love…thank you!!!

  2. Anonymous

    The monster aka AT&T, is forcing all those existing Cricket customers out of a service that has been considered part of your monthly agreement (Muve Music). This service was at no additional charge. The Monster is also offering Cricket customers “upgrades” to phones, in order to force those who pjump at it, for additional future charges. It is said that we should respect our elders, but “grandfathered agreements are hated by the Monster. They aren’t making enough profit right??? Losing me as a customer Monster!since Cricket began

  3. Anonymous

    Per agreement with ugly ATT, deezer is limited to basic quality only. It sounds tinny and harsh. On a mp3 scale, probably 96 or lower. ATT has the unique distinction of sucking and blowing at the same time.