FCC Chairman to Submit Proposal for an Open Internet

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FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is a little closer to supporting an open internet by regulating broadband internet as a telecommunications utility.

The internet is currently classified as an information service.

At the International CES tradeshow Wheeler spoke favorably of Title II regulation of telecommunications. Wheeler said he is not at odds with President Obama, who says the internet should be reclassified as a telecommunications utility and regulated as such.

This differs from the FCC’s failed previous proposal, which left room for internet “fast lanes” that could prioritize select traffic. The FCC opened their proposal to public comments and received around 1.1 million of them.

Wheeler didn’t give any specific details on his proposition, but said he will “circulate” the proposal to commissioners on February 5th. The FCC will vote on the proposal on February 26th.


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Image: “Internet Open” shot by Blaise Alleyne under Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0).

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  1. Anonymous

    im not so sure i want the biggest piracy nation around, the good ol u s of a, to be leading anything really! they just havent proven themselves on the world stage to be responsible enough to do much of anything. they are trying to clamp down on only what affects them and instead leave open their abilities to continue being massive thieves. Im starting to wonder if any of them can do anything themselves of if they only exist on stealing. They do not want to lock the thing up except for where it hurts them, they play like that, and some of their big corps are such filthy criminals it isnt even funny.