Live Nation: We Bought BigChampagne for $12 Million, Not $30 Million…

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BigChampagne co-founders Eric Garland and Joe Fleischer fabricated the numbers, Live Nation says.

After abruptly shutting down its once-promising ‘Labs’ division in December, corporate parent Live Nation is now setting the record straight on the details of its acquisition.  And part of that means undoing some of the ‘truthiness’ that surrounded the acquisition price itself in late-2011.

“I saw your LN labs piece and unfort. never received a call on that one (the buy $ was off but [sic] a few mill ;),” Live Nation communications executive Melissa Zukerman emailed DMN, before flatly confirming that the price tag was “12M,” not $30 million as widely reported.

That directly contradicts with information touted to Digital Music News immediately after the deal by BigChampagne co-founder Joe Fleischer (now transitioned into the executive team at Live Nation Entertainment).  “It was between $25 and $30 million, you happy now?” Fleischer rattled off on the phone after being harangued for more details (DMN printed the figure moments later).

Not-so-slight exaggerations are commonplace after acquisitions: after all, bigger price tags stroke founder egos and make investors look great.  But in the new corporate fold, it may have been the start of a rocky relationship.  Just hours after the disclosure, Fleischer, alongside BigChampagne co-founder Eric Garland, left multiple messages demanding that DMN remove the sale price from print, ostensibly based on a clash with higher-ups.

Fast-forward to 2015, and Live Nation appears interested in minimizing the financial fallout from its acquisition — perceived or otherwise.

Zukerman declined to discuss the source of the $30 million figure; Fleischer and Garland did not return multiple inquiries.  


Image by Will Temple, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).

4 Responses

  1. john

    boo fucking hoo, enough money to live well the rest of ones life.

  2. Willis

    Joe ‘Fleeser’ needs to pay more attention to the numbers.

  3. Anonymous


    the body corporate is just a piece of paper, marriage, while also a piece of paper is still a higher communion between two persons who only sign a piece of paper to archive and make it official, flesh persons with organs and blood and guts and beating hearts and brains, how is this a divorce? its just business as usual between pieces of paper administered by people, the existence of hearts and brains to be determined.

    whoever started that whole mess anyways? marriage is business but business isn’t marriage.

    Sounds like something someone would create or start to manipulate and dupe humans.

    what christians or catholoics or who the f ever started that ridiculousness??

    if business is marriage, knowing who i am, then what is the dowry?? thats all that matters then, whats the dowry, whats her vows, what does the prenup contain?? Most importantly, the dowry, whats the dowry then?

    cause i mean, any body corporate i marry is committing adultery and sleeping around like a massive slutting whore, so its money and how much money and how much money will it result in and whats the dowry and all that??



  4. David

    I think this points to the need for more transparency in corporate dealings. It is part of the reason why record labels can claim losses based on shipments while ignoring other sources of revenue.