Music Gateway Is Giving Away $38,000 to Deserving Artists…

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Music Gateway is a collaboration marketplace for music projects, and a place to post and get gigs.  The company is strongly opposed to ‘pay-to-pitch’ services and started their platform to generate real opportunities instead of hope.  Already, Music Gateway counts 20,000 professionals on its platform, and a mission to bring real online collaboration to the music-creation process.

Now, the company is putting some cash behind their mission.

According to details shared with Digital Music News this morning, Gateway has allocated £25,000, or roughly $38,000, to help boost artists and creative projects in their early stages.

Other assistance will come in the form of direct advice and guidance.  “We’ve received some amazing support from our founding members, some of which came on board pre-launch in 2013 and are still using the site now and have been on the journey with us” explains Gateway CEO Jon Skinner.

“This isn’t the first time that we have run project campaigns like this and it won’t be the last, but it’s a personal vision of mine to ensure that over time we can genuinely say that we have made a difference. We want to help people make the right connections on a global scale.”

Go check out the collaboration platform at, set up a detailed profile and start collaborating, then reach out to for more information on the fund.  And tell ’em Digital Music News sent ya!


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  1. Anonymous

    the only thing the music industry has ever done for me is raped me, stolen from me, fleeced me, humiliated me, spit, crapped and urinated on me, treated me like garbae, threatened, bullied, extorted, cut off, lied gossiped started false rumors, just about everything imaginable but help me, i dont trust anything they do or offer and this is likely just another fleece site to screw people one way or another…

    its a service industry, service dreamers and fleece as much money out of them as possible before they realize what its all about…

      • Anonymous

        I’m not hustling for a deal or to be put on, and furthermore im only using what little avenues i have in order to try and get this story out(this true story with these things happening to me basically as ive said, not hype or pr, pure self defense last ditch efforts to save my life and spread some truths), to plant it as a seed, in hopes that perhaps once im dead maybe someone will take it upon themselves to tell this story and give me the redemption i deserve.

        I have no ideas or assumptions about those specifically running this or these businesses and i do apologize if it seems that i may have been saying specific people other then the specific people ive mentioned are acting unethically and illegally. All i know is that online anything is a total grease job and once you turn your body, whatever it is, into 1’s and 0’s, you better have been paid up front or have massive servers or budgets or else its mostly going to result in fattening other peoples pockets.

        Music is subjective and everyone is allowed their own opinion on the matter, a real problem in the music business is the majority of people are biased to whatever label they are on or crew they are in, which therefore creates massive trolling whereupon people throw stones and say music sucks just due to competition bias and the need to either try and spread that belief in a hope of some mob rule bandwagonning or else in a matter to break someone or get someone to stop doing something.

        Its a terribly shame like that.

        It needs to stop. It’s actually killing people for real. If you dont like my music that is fine, not only am i not shoving it down anyones throat or screaming for people to tell me they like it, im not bothering anyone here with it, therefore i would appreciate if everyone stopped using that tactic. Im not a threat to anyones business or territory and i am not out there advertising or promoting looking for feedback or opinions. I mind my own business and am not competing or playing some sport, i just make music, if you dont like it that is totally fine, just please dont bother me about it. Again, im not hustling for anything here and certainly i am not some little child looking for daddies or mommies attention and approval on what i do, tugging on their pant leg hoping they stroke my ego, which furthermore means im not looking for some slave driving coach or militant leader to be all bitter and try and make me into something. Im an independent contractor and an individual needing none of that, so please if everyone could stop with that it would be incredibly appreciated.

        It would be nice if people just kept their opinion to themselves and instead went and found people whos music they like and then told those people they like the music, instead even that is usually some sort of lie, so basically if you are going to make music you better be damn well secure in yourself to not need anyone elses opinion on anything.

        Im not perfect and i have made mistakes, done and said things i wish i wouldnt have, and constantly look in the mirror and engage in introspection. I only attack people, under duress and in self defense, specifically who are causing me direct problems, and since i am not stealing anyones property published or unpublished and am not engaging in any illegal activity therefore no one should have any reason to proactively bother me. Im sorry some of that industries top people are actively engaged in these things against me, i didnt ask them to and i cannot stop them, but i can scream rape. If we are at a point in society where the victim screaming rape is punished and beat up even further, then i think now would be a good time to take a real long hard look at whats happening, as that is simply unacceptable for even the sickest of regimes.

        Thank you for your time and my sincerest apologies for anything i have done or said that has bothered or been a problem to anyone. Thanks again!


    Does it get any better than two anonymities discussing suckage? This is the music business today.


  3. Cjhoffmn

    music gateway is a great idea and should be checked it. It was founded by a musician and he wants to create a more connected world of musicians.

    • Tim

      How well is his music selling on his scam site? Put scammers in prison so they can be raped and beaten

    • Susanah

      He is NOT a musician…he has 3 failed cheap & tacky businesses behind him which he describes as being “the entertainment industry” related “businesses”& was a DJ at (some) of those equally tacky European beach clubs/bars. Research him! One day he’s going to be exposed for what he really is. Anyone can go self employed and claim to be a limited company with almost any kind of naff ‘business’… check out his previous “Limited companies”…you will find no website for them exists, no link works, there are forums where ex employees of his from those very “businesses” warn others not to get involved with this bloke & tell you why…the business records published (by law) for those previous so-called “businesses” show yearly profits (according to the accounts he put up) of between £2 and £100 at most. All the big companies whom he’s approached to endorse MG will one day wish they’d never got involved. He’s copied other people too. MG is nothing more than a networking site, for which Skinner charges members £9 a month subscription fees. You’ll fall for the spiel at first, join up, then it’ll gradually dawn on you you’re wasting £9 a month, and your own time…Go research Skinner yourselves.

  4. phil webster

    Are these people anonymous for a reason? They’re as guilty of slime ball tactics as the likes of Cowell and company and should reveal their identity or shut up.