Drug Waste from Festivals Is Affecting Local Drinking Water…

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You don’t need a study to tell you that people do drugs at festivals, including ecstacy.  But an environmental impact study released this week shows that ecstacy, ketamine, and other drugs consumed at festivals are actually contaminating local water supplies.

The finding, published this week in Environmental Science & Technology, initially focused on ’emerging contaminants’ (ECs) like pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs, and hygiene products, all of which are more difficult for water treatment facilities to filter.  The researchers quickly found that large festivals are flooding local waterways with certain contaminants, specifically large amounts of ketamine, MDMA, and caffeine.

Other drugs, like ibuprofin, remained fairly consistent throughout the year, while traces of marijuana were difficult to detect.

The group of researchers chose Kenting in southern Taiwan as their focus, a resort-like community and host location for the Spring Scream pop festival that attracts more than 600,000 people every year.  “With respect to the tourist impacts, the most interesting finding was the extraordinary increase (89.1 to 940 ng/L) in the party drug MDMA (ecstacy) during the youth festival,” the report indicated.

“The high weekly mass loads of ECs exhibited discharged towards the aquatic ecosystem corresponded to illicit drugs/controlled substances such as ketamine and MDMA, indicating a high consumption of ecstacy during Spring Scream. “

Because of the relatively short, multi-day span of Spring Scream, the study was even able to isolate the average amount of drugs excreted by each Spring Scream attendee.   “Although precise data for the event attendees during the youth festival was not available, we could still estimate the EC contribution per person of the whole youth festival (April 1st to April 7th, 2014) based on the mass inputs and approximate number of attendees.”

“It was suggested that a total of 0.56 mg EC contribution per person was estimated for the youth festival.”

At this stage, the study authors could not predict the longer-term impact of ECs on human drinking water, aquatic life, and vegetation.


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  1. Rodney

    So, is the drug waste affecting local drinking water in a good way or a bad way? I’m not sure that has really been determined.

  2. Anonymous

    remember when cities like new york and london would just flush all their feces into their main lifeline rivers? or was so poorly constructed and engineered when it down-poured the toilets would start draining into the streets?

    all the little ones out playing kick the can splashing around having a jolly good time…

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    Lest we forget, the states are still the new kids on the block in the big scheme of things, a founded country for mere hundreds of years, yet stomp around the planet like they own the place and have the longest standing empire…

    i mean hallelujah for their trigger happy bully ways since im their neighbor and everything, but man, most the times they like those red neck hillbillies all naked out in their front yard drinking watered down budweiser driving their lawnmowers and burning flags, or whatever it is they do down there…

    i used to be pretty hard on all detroit auto boys, but after digging a bit deeper and peeling some layers, some of them were definitely thinking forward and sustainable and had their heads on right, they just got bullied somewhere by someone, big daddy warbucks somewhere dropping the hammer down, which is a terrible shame… if they dont stop their gunslinging cocaine cowboy peddle to the medal riding on the edge ways just a wee little bit, well, lets just say the new kids on the block will be suffering a massive catastrophic collapse, but hey, who knows right, they did beat the russians to the moon and have really, i think out of the nature of their ancestry, made some great inventions and advancements, likely because collectively they still felt like the little kid tugging on mommies pant leg, desperate to be noticed on the world and global stage…. anyways….

    drugs you say?? just so long as the dealers are being responsible and making sure their shipments arent any of that synthetic garbage from overseas, ive heard MDMA is the bad one with that, then it is what it is, plenty of ammo and fodder to spin anything a million miles a minute in a million different directions, and while i bow and kneel and kiss their boots, their custodian and leadership ways and their history based upon the facts and evidence doesnt leave them in any position to say anything is wrong or bad or really tell anyone what to do unless they got a squad of goons with high powered rifles in your face…

    Its just all messed up everywhere, so hopefully eventually enough people will wake up to the realities of it and those people will finally be able to stop the dance and just do their thing and let people be to do their thing…

  3. The Ghost Of Jerry Garcia

    Wow ! That’s interesting, I never knew the buds of the cannabis plant, the powder that is cocaine, could physically take a dump :-/