What Racial Diversity Looks Like In the Music Industry…

I. Top Executives at Pandora.

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II. Top Executives at Live Nation Entertainment.

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III. Top Executives at Spotify.

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IV. Top Executives at Universal Music Group.

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I. Pandora top executives, as listed by Pandora on its ‘Corporate Governance – Management’ page: Top row (l-r), Brian McAndrews (Chief Executive Officer, President & Chairman); Tim Westergren (Founder); second row (l-r), Steve Bené (General Counsel); Simon Fleming-Wood (Chief Marketing Officer); Mike Herring (Chief Financial Officer); Chris Martin (Chief Technology Officer); third row (l-r), Chris Phillips (Chief Product Officer); Sara Clemens (Chief Strategy Officer); John Trimble (Chief Revenue Officer); David Gerbitz (Executive Vice President, Revenue Operations).

II. Live Nation Entertainment top executive team and board members, as listed on the Live Nation ‘leadership’ page: Top row (l to r): Michael Rapino (President, Chief Executive Officer and Director); John Reid (President, Live Nation Europe-Concerts); Alan Ridgeway (President, International and Emerging Markets); Ron Bension (President, HOB Entertainment); Jared Smith (President, Ticketmaster North America); Arthur Fogel (Chairman, Global Music and President, Global Touring); Simon Lewis (President, Live Nation Europe—Sponsorship and Concerts); Gregory B. Maffei (Chairman of the Board).  2nd row (l to r): Mark Yovich (President, Ticketmaster International); Joe Berchtold (Chief Operating Officer); Russell Wallach (President, Media & Sponsorship); James S. Kahan (Board of Directors); Eric Garland (General Manager, Live Nation Digital (former)); Mark Campana (Co-President, North America Concerts); Bob Roux (Co-President, North America Concerts); John Hopmans (Executive Vice President – Mergers and Acquisitions and Strategic Finance).  3rd row (l to r): Michael Rowles (General Counsel and Secretary); Mark Carleton (Board of Directors); Peggy Johnson (Board of Directors); Jonathan L. Dolgen (Board of Directors); Ariel Emanuel (Board of Directors); Robert Ted Enloe, III (Board of Directors); Kathy Willard (Chief Financial Officer); Mark Shapiro (Board of Directors).

III. Spotify top executives, as listed on spotify.com/biographies: top row (l-r), Daniel Ek (CEO & Co-Founder); Martin Lorentzon (Chairman of the Board & Co-Founder); Kenneth Parks (Chief Content Officer & Managing Director for USA); Jeff Levick (Chief Business Officer); second row (l-r), Gustav Söderström (Chief Product Officer);  Angela Watts (VP, Global Communications); Steve Savoca (Head of Content); Kate Vale (Managing Director for Australia & New Zealand); third row (l-r), Stefan Zilch (Managing Director for Germany, Austria, Switzerland);Sunita Kaur (Managing Director for Asia); Gustavo Diament (Managing Director for Latin America); Peter Sterky (Chief Financial Officer); Oskar Stål (Chief Technology Officer); Jonathan Forster (Managing Director for Nordics).

IV. Universal Music Group top executives: (top row, l-r), Lucian Grainge (Chairman, Chief Executive Officer); Boyd Muir (EVP, CFO); Tom Bennett (Chief Executive Officer of Bravado); Max Hole (Chairman, CEO, UMG International); Dickon Stainer (Chief Executive Officer of Global Classics and President of Global Classics); Michele Anthony (Executive VP, US Recorded Music); George Ash (President, Asia Pacific); Frank Briegmann (President of Central Europe); Monte Lipman (Chairman/CEO, Universal Republic Records); Rob Wells (Member of Executive Board and President: Global Digital Business); Sandy Monteiro (President of Southeast Asia).

32 Responses

  1. Bandit

    C’mon Paul.

    This is not the entire “music industry.” But I guess the headline “This is what racial diversity looks like at a few of the biggest companies in the music industry look like….” doesn’t have the same impact.

    BTW where are Google/youTube and Apple headshots arguably the biggest two in the industry?

    I could probably spend five minutes picking out dozens of companies in the fortune 500 that are are completely cracker. Sadly it’s not that difficult to do.

  2. Human

    ummm…. “cracker”? I don’t think racial slurs contribute anything positive

    • Bandit

      Sorry about that.

      Being a cracker myself I have no problem with the word. But it is inappropriate to use the term when you can’t see the person using it.

      Anyway, that comment was toned down a bit I was going to say white devils but that would have brought religion into the discussion too. thank god I didn’t do that

    • Spoken X Digital Media Group

      Stinking ass cracker is more appropriate unless they’re standing next to , Jihadi John , and then they become a beheaded cracker –Literati X aka Eric H Bonner 725 3rd Avenue NW Aliceville Alabama . Come on down so we can terror party started right you stinking bitches !

      • Jeff Whitmore

        White people who are offended by the word “cracker” should go jump off a cliff. And yes, I’m white.

        • Huey

          I challenge all the white folks out there to ask your white friends if they are offended if someone of any color calls them “cracker” or “ofay.”

          First you will have to wait for them to look it up on google or wikipedia so they can figure out what you are talking about and then wait for the tepid response “I guess.”

    • Paul Lanning

      From the stand point of musicology:

      All rock n roll, all rhythm & blues and all the many pop derivatives they’ve spawned over the years represent a volatile fusion of Afro-derived and Euro-derived styles, colored by the black person’s largely unfortunate experience within a white-dominated social order.

      Whitey runs the game. Nearly all American pop music since 1950 has emanated from black America’s response to that fact.

  3. Obama

    Paul what’s your problem?

    Do you want more blacks in the music industry? Or more gays?

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Do I have a problem? Or does the industry have a problem?

      • Obama

        Why does the industry need diversity? Just to satify your multicultural dreams?

      • Remi Swierczek

        Paul, I admit, the industry has a major problem.
        Time to get Oprah Winfrey in to the loop!

        All the white boys and girls should pushed aside for a moment so she can take Google boy to the ring for final enlightenment and enrichment! $100B music industry in just 5 years!

        Honestly she is one of the few who can bring color and happiness to almost dead industry!!!

  4. DNog

    Daniel Ek could totally play a serial killer on like a Lifetime movie. He should look into that.

  5. T. Cooke

    This is good. These are major players and not a single instance of racial diversity.

    • GGG

      If you look at the DMN about section, you’ll see there is 2 white guys, 2 women and a bird.

    • Vail, CO

      Biggest streaming radio company.
      Biggest concert company.
      Biggest streaming company.
      Biggest Label.

      Those some damn big cherries they’re picking

  6. Anonymous

    um…. JON PLATT!!!!!!!!!!!! We had Jon at EMI for many great years and even called us personally when he left for Warner Chappell. An amazing and talented man in our industry!

    • White People Hire Other White People

      So you bring up Big Jon as the ONE executive that’s black who held a major position and that somehow equates to diversity in hiring…wow.

      The music industry is one of the most racist industries toward black people to this day despite the fact that it was built on our backs and black music still is the most influential genre.

      If I’m wrong then you have to explain to me why there are so many unqualified white people running black music departments and only hiring OTHER WHITE PEOPLE.

      If I’m wrong then you need to explain to me why urban projects are treated as the redheaded step child when it comes to allocation of funds for radio and marketing, but pop projects can continue to fail on an endless basis with no major slashes to the company’s commitment to break them.

      I can go on all day but I’ll just wait for one of DMN’s readers to tell me how delusional I am and how I need to “get over it”. Or how I need to stop playing the race card or stop race baiting.

      While I’m at it I guess I should just close my eyes and ears and ignore all the facts in my face.

      • Black People Hire Other Black People

        Just look at all those Motown and Rap labels…

        • White People Hire Other White People

          Motown??? Are you talking about that tincy tiny sized sub label with absolutely NO MUSCLE or sway in the Universal system and in the business that NOBODY has taken seriously in years?

          You know who Motown’s highest selling artist was last year? KEM. End of discussion.

          All those rap labels? lol. To which ones are you referring exactly? The reason I ask is that there technically are none left so your answer should be interesting.

  7. Scottio Wilson

    The issue should be the death of local content venues. Radio personalities, dance clubs and local DJ’s have gone by the wayside. Everyone else has traded social interaction for a smart device and a pair of Dr. Dre headsets. I’m not hatin. These are companies who tweak the software that allows the user to aggregate a personal listening experience.
    I think the internet is still the great equalizer. If you want to rise up in the music world, the opportunity is still there and you’ll end up on these services anyway.

    • White People Hire Other White People

      No the issue should be exactly what it is, has always been, and will continue to be: Systematic white supremacy in the music industry.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I’m not so sure this is “cherry-picking,” I’m more inclined to agree with the commenter above who correctly noted that I chose the largest streaming, internet radio, major label, and concert company (actually, maybe that’s AEG, but LNE is pretty damn big). Then, I looked at the the top executives and/or board members as listed by those companies (in the case of UMG, that didn’t exist so I used BusinessWeek’s ranking to help guide me).

      That’s not picking out random white guys, that’s looking at the top decision-makers at the biggest companies. The results are pretty obvious.

      • Anonymous

        hmm, let’s see Paul… MLK day, you stir the pot with a racist goading na na na to blacks about their injustice within society or at least these few companies, companies who are constantly promoting, marketing, supporting and working for blacks… At least im taking the low hanging fruit that you are implying blacks or african americans or whatever silly correct term it is these days from it being MLK day and all that.

        i could post a picture of Obama shaking Jay-z’s hand and could probably scour youtube for a video of the first lady doing the dougie to some beyonce…

        The real thing here is, the percentages still largely favor whites for those positions in society, thats the main reason, i mean up here we have a massive whitey corp now with an indian guy at the helm…

        dont worry, with india and africa and the asias just blistering children out and the whites a dwindling fading race who just arent getting it on like they used to, in a few centuries the landscape will look quite different… give it a few thousand and we will soon be one color…

        MLK day yesterday and thats what this post was about, a bunch of people in the states seem to be all on another ruddy black injustice fight against the whites and the man revolution, but yo thats so narrow view shortsighted and stupid so i hope people can figure it out and apply the pressure that needs to be applied and where it needs to be applied… If i have to sit around and watch a pack of blacks tossing stones at a pack of whites this many years later, ill be disappointed and upset…

        cherry picking, period, theres nothing else that can be said about it, it is cherry picking and thats just the way it is… You aint gotta like it but thats the bottom line and no matter of podium debating will change the fact that it is cherry picking as per the definition of cherry picking…

        im color blind…

  8. Ronaldo

    Good to see there is at least one token female in each group…but let’s not focus on that.

  9. anonymous

    Shocking that a Swedish company would have a white executive team.

  10. chucky cheese

    I am sick of this ” racial diveristy ” stuff. This idea has not gotten this country any where so far. There was no diversity allowed in the ” hands” up bull, even though thugs were seen terrorising their own. There has not been any justice for the ” non-african ” americans . Scince the civil rights laws were enacted there has only been a means for specific minority’s to cry about the injustices of breaking the law.
    Racial diversity in the music industry?
    Rappers genneraly are not represented by non african americans
    leave rock and country alone.
    show me any different ideas in rap, ect.