Everything You Need to Know About Performers’ Rights In Europe…

This study, published last month by the Association of European Performers’ Organisations (AEPO-ARTIS), goes into painstaking detail on the following aspects of performers’ rights in Europe:

1. right to an equitable remuneration for the broadcasting and communication to the public of commercial phonograms;

2. satellite broadcasting and cable retransmission;

3. right of making available to the public;

4. remuneration for private copying as a counterpart for an exception to the exclusive reproduction right;

5. rental right; and

6. the duration of the protection of performers’ rights.

It also calls for broad, sweeping change to fix massive problems with actual performer compensation.  “The fact that the right to broadcasting and communication to the public (representing itself 76% of collection) is such an important and protected source of income is not least due to the compulsory administration by collective management organisations (in the vast majority of countries) of this right,” AEPO-ARTIS relayed.

However, the reality is that when Internet users are enjoying their favourite cultural and creative works via legal online services, the vast majority of performers are not remunerated for it.”

AEPO-ARTIS Study on Performers Rights FINAL

3 Responses

  1. Chris H

    Actually, is a much expanded version of rights that the US really ought to consider and not blow off like the metric system…

  2. Remi Swierczek

    Been there, lived there! It all makes me verry dizzzzy!
    LET’S SCARP IT ALL and convert Radio and streaming to simple discovery based $100B music store.

    Happiness for all.