Now You Can Use SoundCloud and YouTube Embeds to Build a Marketing Pool

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Link shortening and retargeting tool has added some new features. The tool was created by The Found Group, a digital marketing company that works with artists like St. Vincent, The Faint, and many other artists. The Found Group uses in their own marketing strategies, and have made the tool free for anyone working in the music industry. has added a bulk link uploader to their site, allowing users to generate many retargeting links at once. Users can upload a properly formatted spreadsheet containing the list of links to be shortened. This could be useful for uploading a batch of ticketing links for a tour. has also added a tool that turns SoundCloud, Youtube, and NoiseTrade embeds into retargeting links. The tool will generate a new embed code that includes a retargeting pixel. Fans that click “play” on the widget will be added to the retargeting pool. This feature is currently in beta.


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5 Responses

  1. Remi Swierczek

    Both are good for deadbeats with to much time on hand that will never pay for any music! Actually there is a limit of items you can advertise to those folks. McDonald and pizza shops will not create new music industry.

    Music industry does not need SoundCloud or YouTube with VEVO to make money!
    Both block normal monetization of music.

    Folks who can support music and musicians live busy lives and we have to get their money when they live their lives: IN THE CAR, IN THE BAR, IN RETAIL STORE or in the elevator.

      • Remi Swierczek

        There’s no default clicking there that convert to any normal monetization!

        There is approximately .5 cent in advertising on YouTube for every dollar of music streamed and transferred to deadbeats and one tenth of that on SoundCloud.

        WHERE ARE THE LEBELS? Hoping for miracle? There is one: DISCOVERY MOMENT MONETIZATION

  2. Jake

    You can also use services like to cover Facebook retargeting.