Bands Can Submit a Free Application to Play Summerfest

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Summerfest says they are “the world’s largest music festival”, a statement backed up by Guinness World Records. In 2015 the festival will take place from June 24 – 28 and June 30 – July 5. Summerfest is held in Milwaukee on the shores of Lake Michigan.

ReverbNation and Summerfest have partnered to select 30 bands / artists to play the festival. The submission process is free.

Artists that are selected will play a 45-60 minute set in front of as many as 7,000 – 10,000 people. Selected artists will be compensated.

In 2014 850,000 people attended Summerfest to see over 1,000 performances. New Order, Arctic Monkeys, Rise Against, and many other artists headlined last year.


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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous


    “The talent buyers of Summerfest and the A&R Department of ReverbNation will work closely together to choose 30 ReverbNation Artists to perform at this year’s festival.”

  2. Willis

    Artists need to weigh out the true benefit of such a thing before submitting. Obviously the number of attendees and the photo in this article really pump up excitement for the show, but reality is that the artists chosen to perform will have to pay their own expenses (travel, accommodations, food, etc.) and will probably play a small, side stage that won’t get much attention or traffic (attempting to compete with the 999+ other acts. The truth is that there will not be 7-9k people watching them, but a few hundred, at best.

  3. The band Worx / Mobile, AL

    True Willis. There is a lot of “unseens” with this kind of venue. Worx got the opportunity to open for Filter & Godsmack at BayFest 2013. We didn’t see it coming. It was all because the right person(s) heard our album “Retrosonic” and got us selected. That show got us into BayFest 2014 sharing the main stage with Joan Jett and Kid Rock. Sure, there is more than a strong possibility that these 30 bands will be side-stage fillers for earlier in the day, but for most if not all of these 30 bands, this is a huge “feather in the cap”. If a band is willing to pay to play for the exposure, then that’s one thing. I would maintain that these venues probably won’t use but several of the bands picked, but picking 30 gives them the advantage of making any band “replaceable”.

    The problem with ReverbNation (and the like) is that anybody with a computer can list themselves as a band/artist and post there garage recording done with a tape recorder (yes, I have actually heard these). It muddys up the water for the real talent that is honestly trying to make a legit go at this. To have there ORIGINAL music discovered.

    Hopefully the powers that be will actually listen to the artists, rather than go by rankings, which can easily be manipulated by hiring “clickers” (bands on FaceBook do it all the time). Ever wonder why a band that has been on FB for 6 yrs has less than 500 likes, but another newbie that has been on FB for 6 months has 1700 likes? Clickers…

    Worx is on Reverbnation, a legit 70/80’s style band that never was signed, but performs 2 albums of originals, as well as super-hits from the super-groups like Journey (Steve Perry era), Boston, Survivor, Kansas, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and much more. One of the very few bands you’ll see today that can perform and sing at this level WITHOUT DETUNING!!!!!!

  4. Tom S

    This seems like a racket set up to make money for reverbnation and summerfest.Dont. Be fooled.