I Outsourced My Music Video to India for $2,000. Here’s the Result…

Drew Smith is a singer-songwriter from Hamilton, Ontario, and a fan of Bollywood films.  So he decided to outsource one of his music videos to Bangalore, India, for $2,000.  Here’s what came back…

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    • Somegal

      Sorry Rodney, neither… we use cows as currency here, you should travel more.

  1. Anonymous

    Bollypop dance off baby!!! Whos bad???

    $2k stretches pretty good over there…

    • Entertainers Plus

      Think I should offer my services to film. I can’t wait to film our next two music vids that would never cost that much! And I can’t see an Indian dance theme with this melody/sound, can picture a cowboy story, though.

  2. JeffC

    2k might cover catering for a couple days here.
    This is pretty impressive work for so little cash.
    I personally hate music videos as a genre, but in dollars-per-image this really is value.
    [this is from a person that painfully once had to approve a 1+ million dollar video shoot… such a waste…]

  3. danwriter

    It’s only January but we already have a winner for the 2015 worst music video of the year. This isn’t outsourcing — it’s simply stupidity. He could have had a video that was far better for half the cost by going to a local media arts college.

    • Anonymous

      nah, i think the bolly vid is significantly better and it isnt that low budget, it looks good for $2k, and look at all the people choreographed with some nice elements, it’s bollywood, which he wanted and if you dont understand bollywood you wont understand the video, so it is what it is…

      it shows thought, has serious elements of artiness, which is much harder to do well then just goofy silly stuff, no offense…

      hard to compare though, totally different music, both work for what you wanted, i just like the bolly one better personally, and think it was done better, which means whatever you want it to mean…

      again, that stretched a good ways, and no way can you get that in north america for $2k without serious bartering and leveraging, which still has a cost attached to it…

    • JanetF

      You are right. For $2K, you got the better deal. It’s a bit too JibJab for me (I like the effect, I think it was just a touch over used), but your vid is interesting and fun. 🙂

    • Bill W

      Drew, you have a beautiful video there. The comparisons to TuneVid and the Russian Ugly dance are SO far off. They are crap. This was not done by students. Anyone who’s been involved in film and video production can see that a lot went into your video. Very well done!

    • For Rea.

      No, the Indian one was better. I had to stop yours after 20 seconds. The Indian one had an actual passion the Russian one was a cheap gimmick that got boring in under 20 seconds. Sorry.

  4. Evan

    I like the video clip. Everyone looks like they’re having fun, and it’s a great song to go with it. Sure, it’s not slick, but who gives a damn about that?

  5. Janet F

    Fun video, not great. Frankly, TuneVid does at least this well for $595 – AND you can actually have yourself in the video (if you want to). But all in all, an interesting experiment! Good luck!