Spotify Fires Its PR Agency…

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The following is a developing story; first update: 11:40 am PT.

Just months after a high-profile meltdown involving Taylor Swift, Spotify is taking dramatic action to improve its image with artists and fans.

As of early this morning, Spotify has now fired its longtime PR agency, M&C Saatchi PR, according to details first shared by PR Week.

It appears that Saatchi is being stripped of all responsibilities, including consumer-focused, corporate, and b2b aspects.  As of this morning, Saatchi has only released this statement (stay tuned for more response):

“We had three fantastic years taking Spotify from a small, challenger brand into a mainstream music platform. The work we developed from our London office was used around the world to build the Spotify business and we are proud of the part we have played in establishing the brand in so many different markets. International PR will now be led from LA, we will not be pitching but we will keep on streaming.

We wish them the very best for the future.”


Image of ‘John the Baptist’ (Metropolitan Museum of Art) shot by Randy OHC, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).  Written while listening to A$AP Mob. 

33 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Are you sure it wasn’t the other way around? 🙂

    Saatchi is the best you can get — if they can’t make you look good, nobody can…

    • Remi Swierczek

      Agreed, so good and so expensive PR job, on such a crappy business model still keeps the shit in the air!

  2. Anonymous Is Dreaming

    Saatchi is most definitely NOT the best you can get. Get your head out of 2011

    • Anonymous

      why doesnt the whole world just stop what its doing, and we can all just go to war fighting and smearing and killing and nah nah nahing everyone???? …

      thats all thats happening anyways…

      what a garbage dump, nothing but constant fighting, jabs and slanders and slurs… business these days is awful and pathetic, politics has lost the plot, everything and everyone, well nearly everyone, has lost the plot, its all just lame, tossing stones, bullying, trolling, threats, smears slanders… everyone and everything is just so toxic, always having to destroy anyone that says even a fraction of an iota that might possibly cause a slight little downtick in what someone thinks of the business or industry or whatever it is that is being discussed…

      everyone fake and lying, hiding behind NDA’s or representing this company or that one, its all just b.s., its time to pull the curtain back on everything once and for all…

      ive never been less motivated or inspired in my life from the world and society, what a pitiful display from humans lately, just pathetic, its downright putrid this place…

    • Anonymous

      “Saatchi is most definitely NOT the best you can get”

      Sure it is — but it can’t do miracles.

      And that’s what Spotify needs…

      • Remi Swierczek

        Spotify together with other streamers and Radio has to convert to discovery based music store!
        $5B IPO in 12 months without miracles.

        Primitive solution to financial problems of all music industry participants!
        Also unusual revenue boost for Google boy switching from ads around free to direct music monetization.

        • Remi whotheheck?

          Remi: Please stop posting your random bits. IT’s really annoying.

          • Anonymous

            Hey if Remi’s inventions and resume are legit, i think he’s someone who should be taken very seriously…

          • Remi Swierczek

            Thank you.
            There is very few folks in and around industry able to trigger my revolution. Access to them is virtually impossible. Layers of busy buddies sorting mail, express mail, email or phone calls. I would lie, Jeff Bezos have responded at once with “no interest” note in lost business.

            I wish someone can give me 5 minutes with: L. Page, L. Blavatnik or Oprah.
            Anyone of them can divert this busy crowd from suicidal march to swampy music land.

            I am a real guy who have always delivered the goods.

          • GGG

            Look, nobody thinks your idea is bad in theory. But before you give yourself a heart attack screaming about this so much, at least do some research, poll kids, poll adults, poll post grads and ask if anyone would actually pay for your idea. Do the due diligence.

            Because the concept isn’t something that a lot of people will take to. If I’m in a bar, I’m not going to pay to figure out what a song is. It’s just not going to happen. There are ten other ways to figure that out in under 30 seconds.

            And the idea of once you searched it a few times, you now own it. A good idea, but nobody will search the same song more than twice. Once you know it, you’ll know it.

          • Anonymous

            Look, nobody thinks your idea is bad in theory. But before you give yourself a heart attack screaming about this so much, at least do some research, poll kids, poll adults, poll post grads and ask if anyone would actually pay for your idea. Do the due diligence.

            Do you even know what Remi has done and been involved in???

            He likely knows where his obstacles are, and its not the fans or the consumer, its those in bed together currently making a killing off fleecing people with their very shady and super questionable business activities… Its the big boys and players who don’t want to see anything but the way it is, regardless of anyone elses career or livelihood or well being, so if that scuttles the whole creative industries, they just do not care at all…

            Not to mention the free open blackhole internet and business models is so beneficial to certain people not to mention it leaves the thing open to full on legal surveillance, tracking and spying, thanks to loser idiot terrorists, we all pay the price, and his obstacles have found ways to make a gargantuan massive killing off it…

            it will eventually change, but not until they get terrorism in check similar to what they did with organized crime, so once terrorism calms down they will go back to attacking organized crime again, as its exploded again but is being given a bit of a blind eye due to the bigger picture…

            sucks but is what it is…

          • GGG

            Yes, I can read wikipedia just like you can.

            I’m not saying the guy is an idiot. Hell, I even said his discovery idea is good in theory.

            But it’s most likely not something that people will use. His whole pitch (on here) is based on the idea that everyone will start paying a nickel or whatever every time they Shazam a song. I wouldn’t even do that and some of the money would be going right back to me anyway.

            Would you pay for that? Instead of just googling lyrics or asking your friend or something?

          • Anonymous

            i think they got the whole digital network wrong and everything should be some sort of micropayment transaction, a give and take scenario, where right now tis only a take, and i assure you, it is not i that is doing the taking…

            so yes, his ideas have merit, just like Jaron Lanier’s do, as do others who are on the similar track who are not shy or afraid to tell it like it is midst the massive death etc. threats to stay quiet on the matter, of which i receive my fair share, i mean, like its some secret or something… Every damn 1 and 0 i contribute should be levied a value of some kind and paid back to me for it, as i know i contribute value and a lot of it, in multiple media whether writing or music or design or etc., whereas, for example, someone who does copy and paste affiliate marketing would not be contributing value and would preferably lose micro monies everytime they screwed around and wasted storage capacity and bandwidth and peoples time and money, and perhaps one day it will get there, and maybe if i ever am in a position to be able to logically and sanely bring children into this world and have some sort of family, they might experience such a glorious utopian existence that i will not be able to experience in my flesh existence…

            Would i prefer everything be free? Of course i would, that would be a much more efficient system, but sadly it appears will never happen or at least is a few thousand years away, and nor does the human seem likely to be honest and humane enough to allow that kind of system to flourish, instead we have what we have which is the best we have at this current moment, a moment that is forever fleeting, yet one that will remain longer then you or i will live in this flesh state…

            JUSTIN MAYER

          • REmi Swierczek

            Thanks for you input, still I have never been so confident about project prior to execution!
            It’s no brainer, just bold rearrangement of all current players, with all but VEVO in winner’s seats.

            I wish I could stop the “observation of the music industry”, my wife would be happy, my patent attorney would not get my money and my flooring business would be bigger than Shazam catering to 400 million citizens of planet Earth – which will happen anyway unless with start Discovery Moment Monetization.

          • GGG

            I will also add that maybe 8-10 years ago this would have been something people would do. Maaybe.

            But not anymore. It’s too late unfortunately.

      • Ana Log

        No, Saatchi is not the best. They are a name you recognize, but others (such as BBDO, Ogilvy, CP+B, The Martin Agency, etc.) are as good if not better; and several cost far less while being hungry and delivering results.

  3. Big Swifty

    Until there are some public statements and/or an inside source then it’s only conjecture why these two didn’t get along. Probably just came down to not enough money and not enough control.

    • Anonymous

      could be because they are breaking into the american market more and already have gotten it out in Europe really well, so could be simply down to that and no other reason…

      the merikkkans and the gits still seem to think its just the two of them on the planet and everything revolves around them and everything is about them and that they are the two biggest baddest most powerful superdeitygodlike civilizations to ever grace the existence of everything eternal and for ever, at least that what it appears like anyways, certainly in regards to art and entertainment…


      • Anonymous

        People are free to stop buying art from the US and UK any time they want.

        • Anonymous

          Uk is more art and the us is more commerce…

          it was a joke, man yall got your panties cinched up so tight its cutting the circulation off, relax people, wowzers…

          • Very Funny!


            “it was a joke”

            You are hilarious when you are insulting others but when someone insults you (and it doesn’t seem to take very much) it’s all about how everyone here is haters and disgusting

          • Anonymous

            mine is comedy obviously, yalls is not, big difference… sometimes yalls is, and those times i play along, cause im cool like that…

            the states just pisses on canada all the time, especially the show, meanwhile canadians straight kill it for yall all the time, because it is a much bigger market and economy down there especially for entertainment etc… always you guys though with such flippant arrogance, and its not all just fun jabs and roasts, constantly you guys, like they are just oh so special or something, and yet the big bad bullies cant take even just a tiny drop of it back without getting so over blown insulted and damaged, it’s just incredibly hilarious…

            the states is just packed with the most insecure damaged pseudo bullies ive ever seen man, always you guys…

            some egos down there need some serious popping, i happen to be good at it, apologies for any friendly fire or collateral damage…

          • Anonymous

            All I said was people were free to stop buying stuff from the US and UK. I don’t need to chill out. If everyone thinks they are arrogant assholes and should go away, stop buying their stuff.

          • Bandit

            Sorry, it just occurred to me that you are the same person but are suffering from a multiple personality disorder. I hear they have free meds for that up there in the great white north.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry Bandit, not the same person, for those fully tracking and spying on me, you will have seen me call out those impersonating me, and demanding they stop as such, for these exact reasons…

            Constant ruining of reputation, constant character defamation, constant non stop bullying, threatening, extortion and libelous actions, that all could lead up to a huge and massive class action suit, whether young zit covered braces wearing hacker or trolling punk kids or police officers or music people or criminals or whoever, whenever, whatever, however…

  4. not really

    They have bought most music and tech bloggers. They don’t need a PR agency anymore.

  5. Iconique Music Group

    I have been saying this for a few years now. Spotify needed to win the pr battle and they got destroyed in the battle of public opinion.

  6. GGG

    They need an ad/marketing agency more than they need PR. Even with all the heat they get, and have need for PR, they still don’t even market themselves remotely well. It’s pretty strange.

  7. tcooke

    Probably a straw broke with the ‘hey look, taylor swift left us and now everyones coming’ then quickly u see ‘well they are giving their service a way, 99 cents for three months’ which hey, they don’t even value their product, and they are deceptive. conjecture, agreed.

  8. Name2

    [Checks Spotify]

    Yup. Servers still going, music still streaming.

    This just in: nobody gives a shit about who does their PR.