Send Videos and Group Messages on Twitter

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Snapchat added editorial content to their app today. What else is new in the world of social media?

Twitter has added a video feature. Users can take and post video from inside the Twitter mobile app. Videos can be up to 30 seconds long and play from inside tweets.

Twitter owns Vine, which limits users to 6 seconds of video. Vine has become a platform for funny and viral videos, rather than a personal sharing platform.

The Twitter video update could allow the platform to compete against Snapchat and Instagram, as far as video sharing is concerned.

Group messages have also come to Twitter. Users can send a message to up to 20 of their followers at once. The users included in a group DM do not have to be following each other.


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    • Ari Herstand

      i guess they’re slowly rolling them out… hasn’t reached me yet i guess.