SoundCloud Puts Listeners Over Creators with New iPad App

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SoundCloud is moving toward widespread adoption as a streaming service, catering less to small-time producers and musicians. Specifically, SoundCloud is heading towards paid streaming subscriptions, a requirement of a deal made with Warner Music Group. Certain content partners have chosen to place ads on their tracks, paid subscriptions would allow users to listen ad-free.

The iPhone app already lost features built for creators on the go. The app no longer displays notifications and it doesn’t allow uploads. The app directs users to an app called AudioCopy for uploads.

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SoundCloud’s new iPad app is very similar to the iPhone app.

Creators might not be happy with the loss of uploads and notifications here, but the app provides a remarkably better listening experience.

SoundCloud has temporarily removed comments, track info, and follower lists, but they say these features will be back soon. On the other hand, it’s really easy to make a playlist now…

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The new SoundCloud player is full screen, offering both landscape and portrait mode. The waveform moves by as the song plays. Users can easily drag or swipe to move around the track and change songs.

The app’s homepage shows the music feed by default, but users can also explore trending tracks and a variety of genres, from deep house to latin music.


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7 Responses

  1. Remi Swierczek

    The only purpose of SoundCloud should be dispensary of coded tunes to Radio, streaming restaurants and any other public places converted to music stores.

    They should share that duty with YouTube!
    This way Google bulldog will release music industry to financial freedom and happiness!

  2. Anonymous

    You can build traffic in streaming sites two ways:

    1. Get consumers. Artists will follow because they want to be on sites with the consumers.

    2. Get artists. Consumers will follow because they want the artists’ content.

    In either case, you need large numbers to get meaningful traffic.

    Right now many artists are unhappy with the huge sites (like Soundcloud and YouTube).
    But they don’t leave (or even experiment with other sites) because that’s where the traffic is.
    Because they don’t move to other sites, traffic will always stay on Soundcloud/YouTube.

    You can’t get artists without traffic, but you can’t get traffic without artists.
    Artists don’t want to go first, but consumers sure as hell won’t.

    Soundcloud already has traffic – so now it can get as unfriendly to creators as it wants.

    • Remi Swierczek


      Get CASH at the first encounter!!!!!

      You like it? freeloading scumbag – PAY NOW!

      Let’s live and enjoy our lives separately. TIME TO START NORMAL/ SUPPLIER/CONSUMER RELATIONSHIP!

      Screw the TRAFFIC!

      • Nina Ulloa

        “freeloading scumbag”? SoundCloud provided an important platform for small-time producers and artists, and grew to give medium sized artists a way to get their tracks out on their own terms. there artists weren’t looking to monetize, no one will pay for artists that haven’t been heard, they wanted people to engage with their tracks.

        • Remi Swierczek

          Radio or streaming converted to music store will pay to anyone at once.
          Actually DJs will scout for fresh music to make cash for the station and the creator.

          “TRAFFIC” is just desperate avenue to LIVE and T-shirt income for chosen or lucky few.
          Music industry have drifted and continues to drift to very swampy land for no particular reason.

          There is less than 50 music and lyric ID services like Shazam or Google and feed music to over two billion freeloaders. Converting them to the cash registers of the industry will kill most of the piracy and enrich every single participant of music business.

  3. cjhoffmn

    I’ve been very disappointed with the changes they instituted to the mobile app for creators. This move is a strange one to me because it goes directly against what they were founded for – for the sharing of music in creation. I hope they are secretly working on a separate app for the producers – that could make sense – a listening app and a management app.