Now You Can Gate Content in Exchange for a Follow on Spotify

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  • Save has added the ability to gate content in exchange for Spotify follows.

The marketing platform believes they are the first to offer this feature. customers can gate audio files, SoundCloud tracks, and YouTube videos. Fans are directed to follow an Spotify artist, user, or playlist in exchange for access to content. A campaign with this feature will set you back $28 a week. already offered gating for email addresses. They previously offered gating in exchange for Facebook likes, but removed the feature when Facebook’s policy changed.

The platform is run by the people who started Soundrop, the social listening service that shut down at the end of 2014.


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10 Responses

  1. jw

    Wait wait wait… but Uptown Funk is freely available on Spotify… so this is only the ILLUSION of gated content. You’re gating the playlist, which isn’t the actual content.

    Is that accurate?

    • Nina Ulloa

      it’s just a page created to show how it works. it’s actually the youtube of the music video that comes up when you hit follow.

  2. Versus

    What does “gate” mean?
    I thought that’s something you do to drums to get that Phil Collins sound.

  3. jw

    lmao. You do realize that the only quantum computers that exist can barely solve basic math problems, right? lol

      • jw

        What’s infuriating about your comments is that you’ll be wrong, but not even wrong in a normal way. You’ll be wrong in a “jesus christ wtf is he even talking about?” way, where explaining why you’re wrong completely derails the thread & has nothing to do with the music industry. So generally it’s not even worth addressing.

        But even if quantum computing was as far along as you think it is (and, to be clear, I know pretty much nothing about quantum computing, but apparently that’s way more than you do), do you really think someone is going to break into Yale or Lockheed Martin in order to brute force their way around a Facebook like or a Spotify follow just to access a youtube video or spotify playlist? I mean do you not realize how fucking retarded that sounds?

        • jw

          Who keeps deleting Anon’s comments & leaving my responses?

          And making me look like a huge prick?