Apple Is Building an Android Music App and a Web TV Service

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It was previously reported that Apple plans to integrate the upcoming reincarnation of Beats Music into iOS. This means Beats Music would be built right into the software.

Apple isn’t stopping there. 9to5Mac reports that the music service will be integrated into iTunes and Apple TV.

A new feature will allow users to search for any track in the iTunes Store and Beats Music library. Apple will let users merge their Beats login with their Apple ID.

Surprisingly, iTunes Radio isn’t being killed.

iTunes, iTunes Radio, iTunes Match, Beats Music… Apple is starting to remind me of Google, who has Google Play Music, Songza, YouTube, and YouTube Music Key. Rather than consolidating overlapping features into a super effective service they’re running a myriad of services.

Now, Apple and Google are going to be even more alike…  Paul recently posted a pie chart that shows why Apple’s music strategy puts them below Spotify. In 2014 over 81 percent of all shipped smartphones were Android, while less than 15 percent were iPhones. Apple is hindered by only being on one platform.
But it looks like Apple is a step ahead…

Apple is bringing their new music service to Android.

This is the first time Apple is creating an app for the platform. They’re reportedly killing the Windows Phone and web versions of Beats Music.

+iTunes Will Now Block Sound-A-Like Cover Songs

This dramatic shift is allegedly causing internal drama at Apple. One source says development “has been a mess”.

The fact that Apple wants to lower the price of the service below $9.99 could also be a mess. According to a French report, artists get around 6.8 percent of monthly streaming service service subscriptions. This could radically decrease payouts, although it could also increase the number of paying customers.

So, what else is new in Apple’s plan to dominate media? re/code reports that they’re working on a web TV service.


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7 Responses

  1. FarePlay

    “For the first time, since Apple introduced the iTunes store over a decade ago, digital download sales of music were down. The challenge for Apple? How to promote Beats Music without destroying iTunes.

    Their solution may be in building a music streaming service rooted in discovery that transitions the listener to iTunes and creates an opportunity to sell more music to those who prefer to own it, not borrow it. And don’t underestimate Mr. Iovine’s value in putting together exclusive release deals with top artists. He’s not just connected, he has iTunes as part of the deal and in today’s marketplace, even the biggest artists are looking for ways to sell more music.

    Mr. Iovine understands that most people who listen to music don’t want to search for it. They want it simple and they want a human connection with the music they hear. As a music guy, he knows that It takes people who love music, and know music, to create great playlists, not the computer generated playlists that Pandora, Spotify and others use.

    “You need curation, not give me your credit card here’s 20 million songs. Of course you have to have the right curated playlists. Without it you don’t have the emotion.”

    Since those revelations back in May, Apple has been actively evaluating their options and making changes. Quietly eliminating Apps from their App Store that enabled users to download music, movies and e-books from sites like YouTube and even ending their relationship with Google’s YouTube. All moves designed to support the legitimate sale of recorded music.”

    ‘Can Apple Save the Music Business, Again?’ Will Buckley, Huffington Post, September 5, 2014

  2. meh... itunes / windows...

    people forget that Itunes was the first application apple made for windows, and for the same reason they are making an itunes/beats app for android… marketshare. Not surprisingly, Apple is as late to the Android party was they were to Windows. However, when Steve Jobs rolled out Itunes for Windows he simply called it the best app ever written for Windows…

  3. jw

    I don’t really think it’s fair to say “According to a French report, artists get around 6.8 percent of monthly streaming service service subscriptions.” You seem to be the only person not skeptical about that figure.

  4. XT

    “As a soon to be ex-Beats Music employee due to the Apple takeover and such factors; all these stories are very interesting regarding Beats Music since I have been here since before it launched and have been on the front lines as far as seeing how the app works and is being received by customers. We are the one of the only departments of our kind that possess the current knowledge of Beats Music that we do thus far, so I’m wondering what Apple is going to do to the app, and how they are going to service customers after we are left for dead. It was awesome working for this music Streaming service, and I learned so much about streaming revenue, the debates on the future of paid music etc. and as being an artist myself, these topics are important every single day! Beats Music was the first streaming service I’ve ever used as I was a CD/iPod music user for most my Life, and I think it does have a lot of advantages and is essentially a music Lover’s dream if you know how to use it correctly. It def has the ability to take you back to your old self… but its the music that really does that, Beats Music and other streaming services are just a bridge to make that point possible. All I can say from here is I guess we’ll see what happens now…”