Only 8% of Aspiro Users Are Paying for HiFi Streaming. So Why Is Jay-Z Paying $56M?

Much fuss is being made about Jay-Z’s purchase of Aspiro AB, the company behind hifi streaming services WiMP and Tidal. How many users do these services actually have?

As of January 31st, Aspiro has a total of 503,000 paying music users, down from 566,000 in January 2014. They say this is due to reduced telecom bundles in Scandinavia.

Overall, Aspiro’s hifi user numbers are at 41,000, up from 10,000 in January 2014.  That’s 8.2% of all subs.

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Data source: Aspiro AB

8 Responses

  1. Remi Swierczek

    If Radio and all streaming becomes a gigantic music store he will be the accidental WINNER!

  2. Name2

    I realize that this is an anti-streaming site, but aren’t you the least bit concerned that readers of “Digital Music News” might be left a wee bit uninformed about the mechanics of 78% of Aspiro’s customer base?

  3. Ratata

    That’s why the current owners were looking to sell Aspiro.

    In 5-6 years they haven’t been able to find an attractive offering to the “regular joe”, and they were left with the choice of: selling, shutting the door, or loosing even more money by changing focus and making it a whitelabel service offered to telcos.

    This also explains why the price per sub is so low, it’s all partnerships. So total customer base has very little loyalty to the Aspiro “brands”

  4. Greg

    Simply because he can, with minimal risk to his personal wealth
    End of story.

  5. Name2

    Maybe Jay-Z knows something about the 78% that we don’t know.

    Hell, I’m a $20 US subscriber, and I don’t know anything about “the 78%”. I wish there was a website somewhere that dug down into stories to give us substantive insights into digital music news.

  6. ccinthehouse

    Jay Z is going to be praying everyday that he gets are turn on his money.

  7. Mahkim

    Jay Z is no fool, you have to look at the company he keeps, and the advise that he is more than likely getting