Madonna Tries to Stay Relevant by Promoting Her Album on Grindr

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Madonna is reaching her late 50s and is releasing her 13th studio album. Her team is trying extra hard to make her new music relevant to a younger generation of listeners, and their plan appears to be working. 

Madonna took advantage of Snapchat’s new Discover feature, and was the first artist to premiere a music video on the platform. 

Now, she’s trying to reach her gay male fans by holding a contest on Grindr, a hookup app. The prize? Chatting with Madonna on Grindr…

To enter, fans have to recreate the Rebel Heart album cover, making it their profile picture. This will generate awareness across the app for very little cost.

Five winners will chat with Madonna on Grindr, and six other users will win albums. All these prizes require very little time and budget. Seems like a win-win for team Madonna.


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  1. Versus

    Pathetic. Time to grow up, Madonna. Actually, it’s not even an age or maturity matter; why are you associating yourself with superficial promiscuity at any age?