Aimee Mann Drops MediaNet Lawsuit…

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Aimee Mann has dropped her lawsuit against MediaNet, a B2B company that supplies music, ebooks, and other media.

Mann originally sued MediaNet for millions because they were distributing her music on an expired license. She has originally licensed her music to the company in 2003, but let the license expire. Mann says her lawyer also sent the company a termination notice.

In a statement, Mann said:

“MediaNet and I have resolved our differences, and I feel confident that they are making every effort to license their content correctly in a way that protects the rights of artists and songwriters. I’ve therefore agreed to put my music back on their service…

She did not explain what type of agreement was made between the two parties.

MediaNet’s CEO said: “…we take the proper tracking and royalty payments to copyright holders very seriously.”


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One Response

  1. LOL, She got PAID... Go Aimee!

    She dropped the lawsuit because she got PAID… which, allows MediaNet to limit their exposure over these practices by avoiding documents being made publicly available as part of discovery. That in and of itself is worth more to MediaNet than whatever they are paying her to keep quiet on a gag order over the details… Go Aimee!