Beatport Is Launching a Free Streaming Service (With No Ads)

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Back in December it was reported that Beatport would launch a free ad-supported streaming service.  The service has now launched, and it’s not ad-supported… TechCrunch reports that the streaming service is completely free.

This streaming service has now taken center stage.  It’s simply called Beatport and has taken the URL.  The new Beatport features streaming electronic music and mixes.  The electronic music store we are all familiar with is now called Beatport Pro.

As of now, Beatport is in beta and requires a login, so there’s at least a temporary entry barrier.  The service is closely linked to Beatport Pro, encouraging users to buy the songs they’re listening to.

Ideally, Beatport would limit streaming access to DJs that need to buy full songs.  The presence of parent company SFX Entertainment, a company known for trying to reaching every possible user imaginable, makes that unlikely.

The Beatport platform has also expanded to include electronic music news, videos, and shows.


Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and more: @nine_u

5 Responses

  1. Name2

    From the e-mail invite:

    • Listen to millions of tracks and mixes with free, unlimited streaming.
    • Easily purchase any track you stream at the new music store, Beatport Pro.

    Soooo, Remi should be happy.

    • rainbowchild

      Very Cool, this is exactly what I need. Another streaming service with only few or no feature so that I can completely focus on listening.

  2. Anonymous

    TechCrunch is incorrect. The site is ad driven and is how the labels will make money. Agreements explain it in detail.