Zöe Keating’s Husband Dies of Cancer

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Zöe Keating sparked a viral backlash after standing up to YouTube ahead of the launch of its premium service, Music Key.  But what most people don’t realize is that while Keating was dealing with a bullying YouTube and pesky journalists (including DMN), she was also bedside with her husband, Jeffrey Rusch.

Sadly, Keating was battle-ready.  This bigger villain in this story is Anthem Blue Cross, who initially denied coverage to Rusch last year on an emergency, life-or-death chemotherapy operation to remove a raft of cancerous tumors.  That was after the couple paid more than $100,000 in premiums, though Anthem reversed its decision after San Francisco-based KPIX 5 exposed the case.

On February 19th, Rusch passed away from complications related to those cancerous tumors.  Keating posted the following on her blog ahead of the weekend:

“Jeff Rusch….my beloved husband, father of my son, my best friend….he left this world.  Thanks for sharing the last 17 years with me.  I’ll always love you.”

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  1. Name2

    Might as well throw in that Anthem had a mega-data-breach in the last couple of weeks. They claim no PHI (protected Health Information) was compromised, but names, SSNs, addresses — everything you need for a nice ID theft — baked right in.

    Apparently they are “still evaluating” which credit-monitoring firm to use for their promise of “free” credit-monitoring of anyone affected.

  2. Name2

    God, even my awful tin-plate insurance covers emergency care should I end up admitted as part of an ER visit.

  3. Hippydog

    dont know if she will read this, but my condolences to her 🙁

  4. dhenn

    That is so sad to hear. I know from my own experices that Anthem Blue Cross is particularly horrible company. Sending good thoughts to her and her son.