From Vinyl to Spotify: The Evolution of Recorded Music…

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…another DMN original 😉



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    • FarePlay

      Paul, I think you have them in reverse order. The monkeys I mean.

  1. hunter

    “…another DMN original”

    lol. idea and gfx just ripped. how original.

  2. Anonymous

    You know at some point in the evolution of humans its thought that the homo sapien killed off the homo erectus to extinction, so I’m wondering where on this plot that digital puts the full extinction onto the homo Erectus of audio…

    • memoryfield

      What’s next? No new music. Because all the musicians are now working 9 to 5 jobs in order to make ends meet. No time or energy left to keep creating music and paying for it out of pocket and then watching no one buy any of it, ever.

      • FarePlay

        What do you mean? According to Tech Crunch there’s more music than ever being made.

  3. Darwin Heights

    Letting yourself in for trouble here; I’d have most your readers pegged as creationists.