This One Time at Bandcamp… Artists Made Over $100 Million

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Bandcamp is known for being an artist-friendly service. The company generally takes 15 percent of digital sales and 10 percent of physical sales, which is in line with companies like CD Baby.

Why use Bandcamp instead of selling the tracks on your own site? Bandcamp provides an easy to use and visually appealing storefront (yes, appearances do matter), fans trust the platform with their financial information, and it’s a discovery platform. They also have some neat label and subscription features. The platform also allows fans to pay more than the asking price, and they often do.

Bandcamp has announced that they’ve paid out over $100 million to artists. They say that fans pay artists $3.5 million every month.

Sales are also up 30 percent in the last year.


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6 Responses

  1. Name2

    [Raises hand]

    Regular customer. They have stuff I can’t find anywhere else (like 44.1/16 versions of music by Moon Duo, U.S. Girls, e.g.), Mexican mixtapes, etc. and their “asking prices” are often embarrassingly low. Most people probably chip in extra because they know that a lossless album is worth more than $10 and paying asking price is pretty shameful under the circumstances.

    They also often offer complete streams for preview, no membership or micropayments necessary.

  2. wallow-T

    Just another consumer anecdote: I’ve found a steady stream of new folk/roots/world performers distributing through Bandcamp, and I’ve been a happy customer for about 20 albums so far. (These performers aren’t just dilettantes — many of the artists are getting BBC airplay and good reviews in established print media.)

    For me the most appealing offer is when the artist chooses a “standard” Bandcamp package which, for one price, gives me both a quality MP3 download for immediate listening, and a mailed CD which will get to me later. Best of both worlds!

  3. Ari Herstand

    CD Baby takes 9%. Bandcamp’s commission drops to 10% once band sells over $5,000. CD Baby takes $4 per physical CD or vinyl, no matter what items are priced at.

    • Name2

      No, that would be, say… when Paul cuts and pastes missives from the NMPA.

  4. Pro Booking

    Bandcamp user. Great site. Flawless. Great discovery tool. Can’t say enough good things about it. Soundcloud is #2 for me.