Jay Z Agrees to Pay 50% of Royalties Due to Copyright Infringement

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Pharrell and Robin Thicke aren’t the only artists being forced to pay up for copyright infringement…

According to the Daily Mail, Jay Z has agreed to pay 50 percent of royalties from the song “Versus” to jazz artist Bruno Spoerri. Last year Spoerri said that Jay Z copied his song without seeking permission. Jay Z initially denied the accusation, but recently changed his tune.

Spoerri says that if Jay Z had just asked in the first place it “would have been relatively cheap”.

Listen to this…

Now listen to this…


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31 Responses

  1. Remi Swierczek

    The other 50% he should spend on conversion of Radio and streaming to discovery based $100B music store!

    I hope Bruno Spoerri would agree.
    It would allow him and many more “not mega star” musicians to earn normal and well deserved income.


    Apple/dead-Beats under Ek’s proven business model will just extend suicidal AGONY of music industry in the shallow waters of ALL INCLUSIVE ON DEMAND streaming.

    • Anonymous

      Do you realize what a narcissistic douche you are for constantly spamming us with your “music discovery” nonsense?

      • Remi Swierczek

        Mr. Grainge at UMG wants NO MORE EXPERIMENTATION.
        Looks like he just made a statement. Excitement with Apple/Beats entry to magnified Spotify experiment proves that he is not serious about future of music industry.
        My proposition is his dream come true!
        Simple music trading, just like apples on the farm market, no gimmicks no social crowding just pure sales.

        • Jose Fritz

          I am a casual reader of this site and I regularly find this “music discovery” spam posted nonsensically all over most comments sections. Why haven’t you banned this troll?

  2. prokofiev

    I haven’t lost any respect for Jason Carter because I had none to begin with. Any artist who steals so blatantly is utterly bereft of talent. The only thing worse are his fans.

    • Keith

      I’m not sure how his fans come under attack because of his actions. That’s what’s wrong with the world one mistake by an individual and anyone associated with them is thrown into a slew of negative judgments…

      • MM

        “Who is Jason Carter?”

        They mean Shawn Carter. Jay Z’s real name.

  3. Tcooke

    I think an ethics course should be required. I think education would curb some of this. If you are a professional, then be professional.

    • GGG

      Yes, because gov’t, banking, pharmaceuticals, telecom, energy, etc etc etc etc industries are all totally ethical. This is not a music thing, it’s a human condition thing.

    • danwriter

      Actually, that might not be a bad idea. There are several thousand schools and programs in the U.S. alone for pro audio and music education. It wouldn’t be difficult to add an ethics/legal component to germane ones like songwriting/composition and music production. And it could save a lot of grief down the line. This is especially important for genres like urban, where the provenance of beats is often questionalble.

  4. Anonymous

    Ethics? Wasn’t Jay Z a drug dealer?

    Anyway good for Bruno, and his original tune is a lot cooler than the lame Jayzercise ripoff.

    • Tcooke

      Yes, and multiple choice, some true false and a short essay question.

  5. Anonymous

    i don’t mind the inmates being given the exclusive right to entertain us, i don’t think they should be millionaires, famous, extremely powerful and well connected though, manipulating minds and climbing social and class ladders, all at the same time, while we get screwed everywhere while they are allowed to get away with their thefts or allowed to continually do them, for supposedly responsible custodian corporations who will release anything and never pay for it, bullying, threatening and intimidating anyone not with them, trying to monopolize markets and minds, all while those of us who are victims struggle to make ends meet and get annihilated publicly and privately for standing up and saying what happened…

    And then these corporations have the audacity to try and bully the market and threaten with lawsuits and try and control and gate keep everything, they need to clean up their act if they are going to continue being the center of attention with a strangle hold on all revenue and profit, all while they steal and break numerous laws…

    oh well, the american dream at its best…

    • Remi Swierczek

      Unfortunately world is not fair!
      Total criminal, Hitler, was the ruler of Germany for 12 years. Look at Putin!
      We are suspended in really weird social pudding.
      At the top, in the middle or at the bottom of the social leader there is always some kind of injustice.

      Music industry is no different!

  6. Anonymous

    People don’t even realize that it’s not the rap artist that creates the instrumental to even begin with. It’s the music producer. You shouldn’t speak on something that you don’t even understand.

    • Anonymous

      People don’t even realize that it’s not the rap artist that creates the instrumental to even begin with. It’s the music producer. You shouldn’t speak on something that you don’t even understand.

      Who doesn’t understand what exactly?

  7. Anonymous

    if i could find a good lawyer willing to work probono, i have a ton of possible cases, thing is, its against very high profile people and large massive corporations, so they’d have to be willing to assume that risk and take that chance, id be more then fair, i just need someone i can trust and someone that doesnt want it to go too public, if at all…

    it wont be easy to obtain all the evidence needed for the full scope of what happened, but luckily for me so many people know about it and are involved in it, many of whom im sure arent in the best positions or enjoy their working conditions too much, so perhaps flipping someone to testify would be easier then first thought…

  8. David

    According to Wikipedia, this track has no fewer than 8 co-writers (not including Bruno Spoerri!) Ironically, the co-producer goes by the name of Swiss Beatz.

  9. JTVDigital

    50% of what “royalties”?
    Is this a sample? It sounds like it’s been replayed, the key is lower and the elements are more distinct, or maybe it’s just because the original recording given as example is of poor quality?
    If it’s a sample ok, it would mean 50% of Master/Sound Recording royalties + 50% of Composition royalties.

    If not it is only 50% of the Composition royalties, which is the standard for a Derivative Work.
    Which is not a lot of money really…

  10. Shlomo

    Why did it take this musical nerd so long to sue? Blatant infringement. Maybe he was waiting to exhaust the sales before suing.

    • Buck shine

      it probably took this long to sue because the composer dosn’t listen to unimaginative artists such as Jay -Z.

  11. hank@nv.net

    Ethics is a big topic this year at SXSW Interactive, which now exceeds both the music and film festivals. ‘Bout time.

  12. notagain

    Dailymail needed Jay-z to make a non-story more interesting .. but this is just ANOTHER case of Timbaland simply not clearing foreign samples.. He’s done this damn near 10 times now

  13. STEAL FOR $$$$

    To ALLOW this THIEVERY to continue is to PERPETUATE a VERY DANGEROUS Cycle by broadcasting to the world – STEAL to become RICH & “Successful.” That recipe has served THUGZ well. But, luckily the lawyers will be getting their DIRTY $$ and they will have to go back to PETTY Larceny, instead of the MEGA GRAND LARCENY of STEALING MILLIONS. Remember it is a MOB group that is feed by this VILE PATHETIC NO SHAME STEALING Machine that includes Jay-z – you know the one that DENIED Stealing recently from a 79 year old’s 1978 song – ONLY when the EVIDENCE grew too much to deny did LAZY-Z offer what $400 or something – but the VICTIMIZED true musician rejected the offer naturally and got a still VERY LOW settlement in the royalties. I urge the FEDERAL Government to investigate these LIERS and STEALERS because you know they are cheating the government and they are true CUT-THROATS, I mean CUT-THROATZ.

  14. Tara

    Sorry I don’t see how they are so much alike they sound different to me. But if it is the same then that’s just wrong

  15. rashaun

    I had my track bitch dont kill my vibe stolen a dear piece to me. Wasnt copyrighten so thw gave him my track amh ao called friends