After Killing Napster’s former COO, L.A. County Cops Change Their Policies…

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In December of 2013, Los Angeles County police officer Andrew Wood struck and killed former Napster executive and music industry attorney Milt Olin, who was cycling on Mulholland Drive in Calabasas, CA.  Olin was riding squarely in the shoulder; Wood was typing on his in-dash computer and veered off the road, killing Olin by effectively running over him.

Wood was not responding to any emergency at the time, and was essentially texting while the accident occurred.

After an internal investigation, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department ultimately found Wood not guilty of vehicular manslaughter and negligence.  It was determined that Wood was using his in-dash computer “within the course and scope of his duties while he typed while driving,” and therefore not guilty of any wrongdoing.

Now, those ‘normal procedures’ are being changed, thanks in part to Olin’s death.

Effective immediately, the department is now requiring its cops to use their radios as a primary mode of communication, and prohibits in-car computer use while driving.  “It’s been an ongoing challenge, [Olin’s death] did bring the issue into greater focus and helped us refine our thinking on distracted driving.”

Olin’s family is pursing a civil lawsuit against the department.

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  1. Sam

    Cop or no cop. Fucking around with devices while driving should carry the death penalty. No excuses.

    • Ralphie

      Yes, kill anyone who messes with a device while driving. Duh, much?

  2. Chip

    Not funny how cops can break the law. The defense would not stand in any other profession. I hope the family wins big money with the lawsuit, ruin the guy. He should be separately named in the civil suit.

  3. Anonymous

    if those who are given the authority to tell us what to do and to either fine or lock us up accordingly, with the right to use extreme force and prejudice against our persons and property to the point of severe physical or mental harm, are not held equally responsible for the exact same things that we have to abide by, then why does anyone have to follow or adhere to not only that specific law, but anything they say?

    they have always been glorified policy enforcers working for a very aggressive and authoritarian corporation, and its quite clear their mandate never was and never will be to protect the people, it seems that is merely a convenient pr slogan…

    they take a certain type of person, train them incorrectly, have them speak in a different language they dont understand and enforce that fully in a bully mentality, who dont listen or give you any chance to do anything but take their order no matter if they are right or wrong, all while carrying deadly force weapons, who have the right to use them whenever they want with zero retributive punishment for any wrong doing, that is absolute power and a scary thing indeed…

    i have no problem with the police and no beef with them, even though theyve tried to set me up numerous times and still make my life miserable for no other reason then their poor profiling or the grudge they still hold… i accept what things are and live within the laws even though a lot of them are silly, but its hard to sit back and see these under educated over aggressive corporate policy enforcers be given a license to kill all while any time i step out of the house my butt puckers as they are always on the prowl to generate some income by any means necessary… they set people up, they use coercion and aggressive tactics to get what they want, yet hardly ever help in so many situations such as property theft and death threats, simple because there just isnt any revenue in it for them…

    when the police exist to enforce corporate policies and are allowed to carry guns and exert force to do so, then something is wrong…

    i understand the need to enforce rules and regulations among a lot of people in order to protect certain things or clean up cities etc. but when they get absolute power to do as they wish and then subsequently there is no entity to help people in most of the cases and crimes that affect them, due to lack of revenue to generate for the police, then something is tragically wrong in society…

    separate the corporate policy enforcement and the protection of persons, give the latter guns and the former visors and pocket protectors, but dont make them one in the same…

    i know i certainly dont feel like the police are here to protect me and everytime i see one, even as a law abiding peaceful citizen whos never had much trouble with them, my butt puckers as i feel their shifty eyes look me up and down and all over to see if there is anything they can fine me with or bully out of me, or perhaps they have an old dossier on their desk they just want to get off by any means necessary and thusly obtain inadmissible evidence which they then suggest they are not allowed to, and then bully threaten and intimidate from there, regardless whether they have the right person or not, all because of poor profiling or misinterpretations or just downright wrong assumptions…

    its a tough job and i feel for them most definitely, i just think their jobs need to be separated, and an altogether different group of people specifically trained to protect the jurisdictions citizens, who are not focused on generating revenue, should be out there focusing on things, so that the people can feel comfortable and safe when they see one and not like they are about to be raped, which would then allow a different separate group of people, alternatively trained, to be the arms length of the body corporate to go out and write fines and generate revenue for the corporation…

    its a scary thing and as the world goes more and more corporate, its something those policy makers will want to think long and hard about…

  4. Jeff Kempler

    The music industry wasn’t able to the tame the Napster beast while it was eating food. Napster killed the music biz. Anyone who disagrees is a fucking moron. Driver should be punished but karma is a bitch.

    • Randy

      Its also impossible to claim that if the music industry had reacted faster and differently Napster could have led to a very different outcome. So there’s that.

    • Billy Dutton

      Jeff, It appears you have shown yourself to be the F’ing moron here. If you knew the facts (as you represented yourself) you would know that Milt was not a founder of Napster. He was brought in the Napster oganization to bring the service legit. The labels turned away oppertunity after opportunity to cut deals with Napster.

      You will receive your due karma I’m sure.

    • jr

      Jeff Kempler, you are totally ignorant. Milt was the head of legal services at A&M and later was working with Napster after it was acquired by Universal to turn it into a legit streaming services and in his personal practice he represented artists and was one of the “good” guys in the industry putting artists first, even those that could not afford his fees he helped. You could get him on the phone and the clock was not ticking. He was one of those rare souls that made a real difference in the lives of the folks he helped along the way and was keenly aware of the challenges faced by musicians in the growing age of technology. His ideas may well have changed the landscape for all of us had his life not been cut short.

      As for the ruling, one of hundreds I may add, it is yet another confirmation that the “DO as we say, not as we do” mentality is firmly entrenched in our society. From religious leaders, politicians and in the most lethal of cases, our law enforcement.
      The new policies, body cams, dash cams, will change nothing, abuse is happening and the perpetrators are exonerated across the country and where there are sanctions, they are mostly due to political embarrassment and signal no real change only a warning to cover up better.

    • Willis

      Anyone making such reckless, blanket statements obviously doesn’t understand the situation. Way to become a member of that club. Who gave you permission to be so stupid?

    • Anonymous

      Well you know what Jeff if it was one of your family members that was killed by a sheriff I am sure you wouldn’t feel it was karma. So you think that my Uncle deserved to die. Well I hope Karma gets you in the end.

  5. D.J.

    Good they are making changes but he was breaking the law and should be punished just like the average citizen doing the same. This is complete BS