Sorry Spotify: Rhapsody Tracks Are Now Streaming on Twitter

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Twitter has been adding richer experiences to tweets. First they added a “buy” button, and then they added embedded SoundCloud players.

These new Twitter Cards target mobile app users. The SoundCloud embed originally only worked from Twitter’s mobile app, but has since expanded to desktop.

Now Twitter has added a different type of audio card, Rhapsody players. This is the first licensed streaming music service to integrate with Twitter. Rhapsody subscribers and free trial users can post tracks on Twitter.

As of now, you don’t even need to be a Rhapsody subscriber to stream songs from the Twitter app (it doesn’t work from the desktop site). I had no problem streaming this Pearl Jam track:

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Rhapsody says they’re excited to “introduce a wide range of people to licensed streaming music for the first time”.


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One Response

  1. Anonymous

    “I had no problem streaming this Pearl Jam track”

    I’m not familiar with Rhapsody, so forgive me if this is doesn’t make sense.

    But how was Pearl Jam paid when you played their music? It was not meant to be free, was it? Or do I miss something here?