Drake Is Being Sued Over a Tweet…

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We’ve seen plenty of artists getting sued for copyright infringement of late: Pharrell, Jay Z, Mac Miller

Now Drake is facing a different kind of lawsuit.

Drake recently tweeted that he and his label have nothing to do with the film Drake’s Homecoming The Lost Footage, a concert film.  Drake’s Homecoming hit theaters today (March 19th).  The film shows a 2009 concert in Toronto.

Drake’s tweet says he wants to “inform and protect” his fans:

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Well, that isn’t exactly the full story…

SpectiCast, the company distributing the film, is now suing Drake over the tweet. The company’s attorney told Billboard:

Drake authorized the filming, he was paid for it, he still has a financial stake in the movie, and his current statements to the contrary are completely false.  SpectiCast is a respected distributor.  As we state in our complaint, Drake’s actions are libelous, malicious and damaging to those who worked hard and honorably to get this movie out.”

The LA Times says Drake was paid $15,000 cash in 2009 and agreed to a 15 percent royalty.  Serious Entertainment, the company Drake signed the movie deal with, says they offered to sell the footage to Drake but he declined.


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  1. Anonymous

    the good ol u s of a, all they do is sue and litigate people, what a retched society we live in, pitiful and disgusting, why bother doing anything..

    man did the generation that removed corporate regulations sure fuck everything up… we need to go back to a full liability society where peopels word means something, cause right now its all just a pathetic shit show where contracts are fraudulent and no one gives any disclosure, its all just fuck job central no word no honor no ethics no nothing, just a festering criminal shithole where everyone hides behind limited liabilities…

    what a tragic few generations we had, i mean, look at what they did to iceland, ruining that economy, all over the place those people are just gutting everything, what a dump…