Mac Miller Sued for Blatant Copyright Infringement

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It’s lawsuit season!

This lawsuit against Mac Miller is very similar to one Jay Z recently faced. In both instances the rappers blatantly used songs by older artists without permission.

TMZ reports that Mac Miller has been sued by 70s band Aquarian Dream. They say Miller took their song “Yesterday (Was So Nice Today)” and used it in his track “Therapy”. Aquarian Dream’s Jacques Burvick says Miller’s rep admitted to the theft. According to Burvick, the rep said they tried to contact Aquarian Dream, but decided to use the song without permission when they didn’t hear back.

Listen to the two tracks:



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4 Responses

  1. Joe

    Shouldn’t sample clearance cover this sort of thing if it is a sample?Alternatively why not just play the chord progression, you surely can’t copyright a simple chord sequence. Seems like there has been an oversight here or a shortcut taken and he has had his fingers burned.

  2. BZ

    This was released on a free, not for sale mixtape. Not sure how Aquarium got a lawyer to take this case since there won’t be any royalties involved.

    • Kent

      Exactly what i was thinking man. They should be happy that a song from 40 years ago is being thought of really. He was probably a big fan until they started tripping for all they know.