Aspiro Kills WiMP, Relaunches HiFi Streaming Service Tidal

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Jay Z recently purchased Aspiro, the company behind streaming services WiMP and Tidal. He purchased Aspiro through Project Panther Bidco, a company he owns.

Jay Z bought 95.18 percent of Aspiro’s shares. This was enough for a compulsory buyout of the entire company, per Chapter 22 of the Swedish Companies Act. Aspiro then applied to delist from Stockholm’s NASDAQ.

Now the name WiMP is being killed. Aspiro will have one music streaming service named Tidal.

Tidal is relaunching on March 30th. The service already offered high definition music, HD music videos, and editorial. After the relaunch Tidal will also house exclusive content, “experiences”, and merch.


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4 Responses

  1. hifi

    As of right now only WiMP is available in Germany and a few other countries while Tidal is not. So after the relaunch and closure of WiMP, will Tidal be available in the countries that only WiMP had the rights to?

    • Name2

      There’s a giant countdown clock on Tidal’s US home page. I guess it’s to this global re-launch.

    • Andreas

      I would like some sourve for that too!
      There is nothing on their pages saying they wiill kill WiMP, and right now I have one account that can log onto both. And I have the same playlists on both.