SeatGeek Raises $62 Million from TCV, Accel, and Others

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SeatGeek has announced that they’ve raised $62 million in Series C funding. The company has now raised a total of $103 million.

The company specializes in mobile-centric ticketing, with app-based solutions for primary and secondary sellers.  The broader, mobile-based transactional space, is oh-so-hot right now, and investors are responding.  The company shuns scalpers, and is quite explicit on that note.  In the end, SeatGeek wants to power ticketing for lots of powerful venues, promoters, and others trying to put butts-in-seats.

This round of funding was led by Technology Crossover Ventures.  Returning investors include Accel, Causeway Partners, and Mousse Partners. Technology Crossover Ventures General Partner Daniel O’Keefe will join SeatGeek’s board.

Also participating in the Series C is QueensBridge Venture Partners, the investment vehicle driven by legendary rapper Nas.

SeatGeek says they will use the money to expand marketing in North America. They also plan on hiring 46 new employees by the end of the year.

The company currently has 64 employees.


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  1. Anonymous

    what do people think, is it too late in life to make a change and get into coding and programming, to take one of these tech business ideas and try to make it happen?

    Would learning the skills needed to create it be the best or would just straight up ham and egging it by pounding the pavement and meeting as many people as possible, in hopes to source people and funding, be the best way to make it happen?

    I have some opportunities to take some real good schooling in regards to a lot of this tech stuff, im just wondering if that is still a decent long term play in todays world, considering of course that networking isnt my strong point, would that be the smartest thing to do?

    I just pissed away nearly a decade of incredible amounts of time and energy in learning and educating nd skills building, intoa dead and defunct business, i just dont want to make that mistake again, or is my dirty dream the best play to attack??

    im lost for what to do as my next livelihood play, i mean, things are ok, but still not enough wealth or positive gains that will get me anywhere in life or allow me to do anything or build a family, and since all the skills and system credentials i have are essentially worthless, im trying to decide if there is a play anywhere to maybe get to the point i could start a family if i wanted to…

    Or is the competition far too high and the payoffs and funding too far and few between?? idk…

    Oh yeah, good job to them, some more dreams coming true for people, awesome for them, good to see some people really flourishing out there…