TriPlay Raises $11 Million to Sue WhatsApp Over “Cross Platform Messaging Technology”

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TriPlay has announced that they’ve raised $11 million in funding. Money came from affiliates of Fortress Investment Group and TriPlay’s founder and CEO.

The company creates cloud apps that share files across multiple devices. Products include photo and video storage app MyDigipack and MyMusicCloud. The company plans to boost their presence in this space by acquiring similar technology, increasing marketing, accelerating research and development, and growing their user base.

The company also says that WhatsApp is ripping off their messaging features, and they will use part of the $11 million to “protect their popular messaging technology”. TriPlay sued WhatsApp in 2013.


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3 Responses

  1. jw

    Gonna take a lot more than $11 million to fight a Facebook-owned company worth $19 billion. lol.

    (Also, your link to the lawsuit is broken.)

  2. Wooly

    When you can’t make a valid business model that generates sustainable revenue go sue another company.