A2IM Wants You to Nominate Their New Board Members

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Three A2IM Board of Director seats are opening up this year. As usual, an election will be held to find replacements.

The expiring seats belong to Cathy Bauer of Secretly Label Group/SC Distribution, Louis Posen of Hopeless, and Christopher Scully of Glassnote.

Senior management executives from A2IM label member companies are invited to run for a seat, as long as the company is in good standing.  You can also nominate other members.

So what does a board member do?

Board members meet in person or by phone 11 times a year. The board helps decide on the activities and direction of the organization, and they provide guidance to A2IM. Board members can also join specific committees and projects.

A term lasts for three years, and members have to wait one year before running for a seat again.

Each label member company will submit one vote in an upcoming secret online election.

The deadline to nominate is Friday, April 17th at 9PM EDT. Email A2IM VP Molly Neuman to submit your nomination.  Include a short description of the nominee, the label the nominee represents, and the issues the nominee will champion.


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