Solange’s Business Partner Stabbed 10 Times

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Solange Knowles’ business partner Armina Mussa has been stabbed 10 times, according to Musa is currently in critical condition in a New Orleans hospital. She has gone through multiple surgeries.

Arronesia Christophe was arrested on Wednesday, April 8th at 7:03 PM. She is being charged with attempted second degree murder.

Police say the stabbing occurred outside Mussa’s home. Christophe told police that Mussa yelled at her and attacked her, and that the stabbing was self defense. Christophe says Mussa is her friend’s ex-girlfriend.

The wounds are “potentially fatal” and occurred on multiple parts of Mussa’s body, including her neck.

Mussa is Project Director of Solange’s Saint Heron brand. She’s also co-owner of Exodus Goods.


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  1. PR

    I would never want anything to do with this train wreck.

  2. Christina

    Both knifes and guns should be made illegal. How can websites like get away with giving away weapons like this
    FOR FREE?! It’s time to take a stand and BAN all weapons: guns, knifes,