There’s an Arrest Warrant out for Justin Bieber…

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Justin Bieber’s public image has definitely gone down in recent years. Now Bieber has to be wary of an entire country.

An Argentine judge has ordered that Bieber be arrested if he sets foot in Argentina.

Why? Because back in 2013 Bieber sent his bodyguards after a photographer, Diego Pensoa, who was taking pictures of him. Pensoa says the bodyguards attacked him.

Bieber was called for questioning but never showed up.

Personally, I’m pretty surprised that so many paparazzi file lawsuits after getting roughed up. Do they think entitled celebrities are going to tolerate being followed?


Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and more: @nine_u

2 Responses

  1. ade

    what is an “entitled celebrity” ? entitled to what ? freedom from laws ? ;)

    • Matt

      I believe Nina was referring to “self”-entitled celebrities