App Shuffles: Michael Robertson, Musicyou, 8tracks…


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Musicyou, a music messaging app, has raised €300,000 ($320,386) in seed funding. Money came from Smart Equity and Brains2Market. The app lets users add music to messages on WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

What, Michael Robertson of and MP3Tunes phased by a little legal trouble?  Not at all!  After years of arduous litigation with the major labels, Robertson has launched a new app called 6 Seconds.  The free app lets users search all online radio streams for the specific song they want.  It provides unlimited skips by skipping around to different internet radio stations.

8tracks has signed direct licensing deals with INgroovesCD BabyDim Mak, and DashGo.  8tracks plans on signing deals with more indie labels and is working on agreements with the majors.  Prior to this, 8tracks relied on track uploads and SoundCloud.


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2 Responses

  1. Wooly

    Anyone notice that Robertson pokes at Metallica by choosing them for a search. This guy’s ego hasn’t shrunk.

  2. agraham999

    Musicyou also pulls music direct from iTunes previews and therefore hasn’t licensed it and doesn’t pay for it. It is a direct violation of iTunes terms and complete disregard for rights holders and artists.