Jay Z’s Own TIDAL Exclusive Goes Straight to YouTube…

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10 Responses

  1. Remi Swierczek

    Hey Jay Z,
    Take your TIDAL political power and KNOCK on the label’s doors.

    Streaming is superb to YouTube or Pandora music shredders but still hopeless!
    You take 4 pounds of prime beef and generate just one pound of premium DOG FOOD.
    All inclusive, on demand streaming shrinks $100B+ of obvious to an idiot music goodwill to just $20B in global revenues sometimes in 2025!

    To bring back sanity and happiness to everyone music has to become merchandise again. Easy task!

    Divert current Washington efforts of music industry from senseless taxation of almost dead distribution participants to fresh “FAIR USE ACT”. Next day all of Radio and all of streaming can convert to $100B music store.

    It is not fair for Shazam, THE MUSIC PIMP, to collect your property, store it and at the request of any freeloading stranger process your property just to deliver free VOUCHER for your goods.
    In digital world name of the tune and artist equals full ownership of that tune.

    Over two billion users of music and lyric ID services like Shazam, Soundhound or Google (less than 50 entities to control) should become instant consumers and builders of new industry.
    70% of piracy will vanish at the same time.

  2. Anonymous

    Here are a few Google Search results for “jay z” glory:

    YouTube = result #1
    Wikipedia = result #3
    Directlyrics = result #4
    Tidal = result #15

    • J.Twi5t

      Hey! Carnegie Hall! I was just there a month ago! 😀 He must have had to pay a crap ton of money to have that be public domain cause that sh** is copyrighted architecture lol.

    • Me2

      “Here are a few Google Search results for “jay z” glory:

      YouTube = result #1
      Wikipedia = result #3
      Directlyrics = result #4
      Tidal = result #15”


  3. FarePlay

    Thanks Paul. Keep these updates coming. To most of the world’s listeners, viewers and searchers YouTube continues to fly under the radar using Safe Harbor as their own private ocean of legitimacy.

  4. David

    It was posted on YT by Jay Z himself, so presumably the ‘exclusive’ for Tidal was only a priority premiere release.

  5. Rich

    I have to say, I have Tidal since the very beginning.

    I thought the service was outstanding for the price, and I never had any streaming issues.

    Now, after this Jay Z character took over with his posse, I have hi-def streaming issues almost daily.

    Add that to fact that I don’t like the feeling that I am paying this ghetto, rapper, thug $20 a month, and I am seriously contemplating cancelling.

    • Name2

      A burst in brand recognition and big-name video exclusives will do that to a service.

      Not saying it’s good or bad, but it was pretty clearly inevitable since the signing of the Madonna Carter.