Marina & the Diamonds: ‘If You Give a Sh*t About Your Gay Fans You Should Do More Than Tweet About It”

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Marina Diamandis (aka Marina and the Diamonds) recently made some ripples when she blasted the number of albums that are co-written. She wants major labels and pop music to include more albums that are written by the stars that sing the songs.

Well, co-writes aren’t the only thing she doesn’t like. She doesn’t like the seemingly obligatory statements by female pop stars about “loving their gay fans”. The following is from an interview with the Huffington Post:

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“When you’re an artist, you giving a shit does not equate to going ‘I love you guys!’ five times a day on Twitter,” said Diamandis during a telephone interview, “If you want to do something, you do it in action.

“I am always up for supporting anyone who has suffered prejudice or discrimination — and I always will be,” she went on to say of her LGBT following. “But it’s not something I have publicly done a lot of yet. We’ll see. It is important to me, because it makes up a significant part of my fan base.”

“Sometimes I feel it’s a little contrived,” she stated, “I hope you can see what I mean by that, in terms of female pop stars going, ‘I love my gay fan base’ — making that a thing. I don’t believe in that.

“I would support that all of my fanbase is equal,” Diamandis continued, “I hope I can support straight guys as much as I can teenage girls.”

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10 Responses

  1. diamondintherough

    I love Marina for being straight up and her lyrics actually meaning something and caring for fans.

  2. diamondintherough

    Story of my life, winning Marina tickets but not being able to see her because my parents work and couldn’t take me to her concert.

  3. jw

    How is this news?

    This is not even a real opinion. It’s just gratuitous publicity for a half-opinion.

    Maybe you should spend less time trying to turn DMN into a pseudo-feminist mouthpiece & more time learning the basics… like the difference between internet radio & digital broadcast radio.

  4. Wooly

    Treat all fans the same. What’s the need to single out a segment?

  5. Shia

    You’re something greatest than an artist frm ur artisty to ur thoughts!

  6. Versus

    Why is this politically correct propaganda on DMN? What does it have to do with digital music?

  7. Warren

    I once saw the angel of death in my bedroom, he told me “NO ONE CAN ESCAPE DEATH”

  8. Anonymous

    She´s so gorgeous in every sense, I love her